How to Submit a Proposal

Firstly, we need to determine when the superblocks will be generated.
Superblocks are generated every 43800 blocks.

  • 1st SB: 43800 - 02/06/2018 AEST
  • 2nd SB: 87600 - 03/07/2018 AEST
  • 3rd SB: 131400 – 02/08/2018 AEST etc

Convert your dates to epoch time https://www.epochconverter.com/Use the following template to create your proposal. Values that are striked through have be changed.


The following have to be changed:

  • end_epoch: When the proposal ends in epoch time. End it 5 days after the superblock
  • name: Name of your proposal. No spaces allowed and max 20 characters
  • payment_address: Your Syscoin address. Use bitcoin address format for now
  • payment_amount: Amount in Syscoin you want to get paid
  • start_epoch: When the proposal starts. You want to start this just after the last superblock was found
  • url: link to your proposal

Once your template is ready, convert the template to hex using https://www.rapidtables.com/convert/number/hex-to-ascii.html

The outcome will be a hex that looks something like this:


We call this Hex#1 from now on (when you copy paste also remover the brackets).

Enter the following line in Syscoin-QT debug. [Your epoch] is your current time converted to epoch time and should have the same format like this 1529929523 (determine yours with the calculator mentioned above). The [Hex#1] that follows need to be replaced with the one you generated with the last step.

gobject prepare 0 1 [Your epoch] [Hex#1]

You will receive a TXID. We will call this [TXID#1] from now on.

Wait 6 block confirmations (6mins) Then enter the same as above in the console except change prepare to submit and append the txid you just received.

So it will look something like this where you change the epoch to your current time, use the same hex you generated earlier and append the txid you just created:

gobject submit 0 1 [Your epoch] [Hex #1] [TXID#1]

Wait for 2 confirmations.


To check and view all proposals on the network, type:

gobject list


Big thanks to lokalp from slack!

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