How do I protect my wallet in Blockmarket Desktop?

The Blockmarket software provides access to all your Syscoin funds, aliases, messages, marketplace activity and certificates; so it is very important to keep your wallet secure with a strong password.

To do this, click on the user icon on the top right hand corner and select "encrypt wallet".

For your password we recommend that you use either ten or more random characters or a string of eight or more words.
It is very important that you remember this password as without it you will lose access to the functions of your wallet and there will be no way to recover it.

Enter the password and click Encrypt Wallet. The software will shut down automatically and when you reopen it it will be encrypted.

A green lock icon next to the user icon indicates that the wallet is encrypted. To use any of the features on Blockmarket, the wallet must be unlocked.

To unlock the wallet, click on the user icon and enter your password. An orange unlock icon will indicate that the wallet has been unlocked.


When you finish using Blockmarket, you can close the software the wallet will lock automatically.

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