How do I manage my Escrows?

For both Buyers and Sellers, you can find your Escrows under the "Marketplace" tab in "My Marketplace".

Buyer: Purchases in Escrow
When you have received your goods and are happy with the transaction, you will click the "Finalize" button for that escrow.
This will release the escrow funds to the seller.

Seller: Sales in Escrow

You will see a list of item sales where buyers have opted to use escrow.

While the items status is 'in escrow', you will have the option to refund the buyer. i.e. the buyer has contacted you and wishes to cancel the order.

When the buyer has received the goods and has released the escrow to you, the available button to you is "Claim Funds".
The seller must click this option to claim the funds and finalize the transaction.

Arbiter: Escrow Arbitration Requests

You will see a list of transactions in which you have been chosen as arbiter.

In the event that you have had to settle a dispute, you can complete the transaction.
You can either release the escrow to the seller or refund the buyer.

When you have finalized a transaction the status will change to "Escrow release complete".

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