How do I list an offer in Blockmarket Desktop?

Unlock your wallet.
Go to the "Marketplace" tab and select "New Offer".

Fill out the selections.

Title - Give your item a title that will enable other users to search for your item easily.

Description - Describe item for sale.

Images - You can add up to 5 images for your listing. You can drag and drop images or upload them from your file system.
Price - You can list your item in a variety of different currencies but Blockmarket Desktop only accepts Syscoin at this time.
Quantity - List the amount of items you have for sale.
Alias - Select the alias you wish to sell this item from.
Category - Select an appropriate category for your item.
Certificate GUID - If you are selling a certificate, paste the certificate ID number here.
Geolocation - Indicate the location in which your item will be coming from.


Tick the 'Explicit or potentially offensive' box if your listing contains potentially offensive or explicit content, this will hide this alias from anyone searching through the Blockmarket Safe Search Filter.

You can make the listing Private by ticking the 'Private' box, this means that only people who have the unique offer ID can see your listing. 


Once complete, select 'Create New Offer' then your offer will await confirmation by the blockchain.
Go to "Marketplace" tab and select "My Marketplace"; here you will be able to see and manage your listings once confirmed by the blockchain

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