How do I create an Alias?

To create your first alias, unlock your wallet. When the wallet is unlocked, go to the 'Aliases' tab and select 'New Alias'.
An alias can be a name or word that doesn't already exist on the network. Only one person can own an alias and currently cannot be transferred to other users at this time.
You will receive an error message if the alias does already exist.

The public value can be any information you wish to share with other users on the network; i.e. a bio and social media handles.
The private value field is for any private information you wish to store under your alias and will only be visible to the owner of the alias.

Alias expire after a default period of one year, the longer the expiry period, the larger the transaction fee.

If you alias contains potentially offensive words, you must tick the 'Explicit or potentially offensive' box.
This will hide this alias from anyone searching through the Blockmarket Safe Search Filter.

Once you are happy with your alias and its contents, click 'Create New Alias'. You will have to wait until the alias transaction is confirmed by he blockchain.
Once it is confirmed, the alias will appear under the 'My Aliases' section of the 'Aliases' tab.

Note: Creating a new alias will cost a small transaction fee. Increasing the expiration date will incur a much larger fee. It is recommended to start with a 1 year expiry date. 

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