How do I create a Certificate?

Go to the "Certificates" tab and select "New Certificate".

Fill out the selections.

Title - Give your item a title.
Owner Alias - Select the alias you wish to use to own this certificate.
Category - Select an appropriate category for your item.
Public Value - Put any information here that you wish to appear in the certificate summary in a public search.

Private Value - This will be the main certificate data and cannot be seen by anyone other than its owner.

Tick the 'Explicit or potentially offensive' box if your certificate contains potentially offensive or explicit content, i.e. offensive words in the title or public value field. 

With the wallet unlocked, click "Create New Certificate". Once the transaction is confirmed by the network, you will be able to find your Certificate in your "My Certificates" list in the "Certificates" tab.


To edit an existing Certificate, click on the Certificate ID, when you have finished making changes, select "Update".

You can transfer a certificate to another user on the network. Click the "Transfer" button and enter the alias of the person you wish to transfer to. When the transfer is confirmed by the network, the certificate will no longer belong to your alias and will appear in the recipients "My Certificates" list of the recipients wallet.


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