This page consists of tutorials and other materials that will explain everything you need to know about Syscoin and its features. Additionally, we have gathered all frequently asked questions on our FAQ page.

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Tutorial categories

Please use this guide only if you wish to access funds now to either send or receive from Exchanges that have upgraded (Check your Exchange), or wish to set up a Syscoin Masternode. Otherwise wait until the official release of BM3.
The Blockmarket Desktop wallet is a fully-featured interface to the Syscoin decentralized marketplace. It enables the user to manage their funds, create Aliases, Certificates, and Assets, and buy and sell goods, with near-zero fees, to anyone, anywhere, any time.
Owning a Masternode is a great way to support the Syscoin platform network, and to generate a passive income in the process. This tutorial will walk you through the different ways to host a Masternode and will help you avoid pitfalls along the way.

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