Blockmarket Desktop

Blockmarket Desktop is Blockchain Foundry's latest desktop wallet, providing a standalone gateway to the world's first decentralized marketplace, built on the Syscoin platfom. Using blockchain technology it offers an opportunity to get your hands on some cryptocurrency by selling your own products, with near-zero fees, as it eliminates the need for a middleman cut, and credit card fees. Buy or sell anything to anyone, anywhere on the planet.


The Syscoin masternode system was implemented in Syscoin 3.0 and was launched during the upgrade hard fork on May 1st 2018.  Syscoin masternodes are based on Dash masternodes, and they provide numerous services for the Syscoin network including InstantSend, PrivateSend, and decentralised governance. With governance, users can make proposals for Masternode funding (eg. for community marketing purposes) and Masternode owners can then (...)


ZDAG is Syscoin's innovative solution to the blockchain scalability problem whereby transactions per second (TPS) are bottlenecked by transaction confirmation times.  The orthodox blockchain confirmation system is designed so that transactions are protected against a 'double spend': users are prevented from making fraudulent transactions where coins are sent simultaneously to more than one address. In a vanilla cryptocurrency design such as bitcoin (...)

Syscoin API 3.0

The Syscoin API is a full REST API which allows developers to create blockchain-enabled applications quickly and easily using the tools they are familiar with. Developers can create Bitcoin, Syscoin and ZCash enabled applications without learning new languages as in the case of Ethereum and Hyperledger. The Syscoin API has been developed to make blockchain development quick and easy. We will be continuing development on the API and Syscoin Core to enable custom smart contracts for nearly any use-case.

Syscoin Assets

Syscoin Assets will provide a layer of tokenization on top of the Syscoin network. They utilise Z-DAG, a proprietary system for ordering transactions which enables secure, high network throughput on the ledger. This allows for real-time point-of-sale applications via the Assets platform on Syscoin. The first project to make use of this feature is the cryptocurrency payment processor, Coinpayments, Their Asset is CPS coin, which will be available on the Syscoin platform soon.

Upcoming features

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