Syscoin + Node.js = Blockchain Apps!

You will need to have syscoind or Syscoin Core Qt running on your system and have node/npm installed. If you don’t have Node.js I recommend installing it via nvm.
Justin Silver
July 12, 2018

Syscoin + ZMQ + Node.js = Realtime Blockchain Updates!

Realtime Updates from the Syscoin Blockchain You can use the ZMQ topic message queues in Syscoin to receive realtime updates for your application. Using in conjunction with syscoin-core to blockchain-enable your applications in no time.
Justin Silver
July 12, 2018

Syscoin Encrypted Messaging Service

We are happy to introduce a suite of new tools for creating custom blockchain applications with Syscoin 3.0. These provide flexibility, scalability, minimize blockchain bloat, and allow for smaller application footprints.
Blockchain Foundry
May 14, 2018

Syscoin Indexing Service

With the launch of Syscoin 3.0 we are thrilled to introduce a suite of new tools for creating custom blockchain applications. These tools provide: Flexibility, scalability, signing and identity capabilities, minimized blockchain bloat, smaller application footprints, and provide additional functionality alongside the Syscoin Core that can be used on custom projects and applications with cross-platform blockchain security.
Blockchain Foundry
May 10, 2018

Syscoin Auth Lib and Instant Asset Transfers

We are working on a brand new innovation that allows us to authenticate to a database leveraging our zero-knowledge authentication to Blockmarket. This will allow us to leverage off-chain cloud solutions to store data but validate and verify just like a blockchain does. We will extend this service to all Syscoin services that need extended information above and beyond the small kilobyte limits imposed on the fields for on-chain data. Stay tuned!
Blockchain Foundry
December 7, 2017

Token Issuance on Syscoin Platform and Masternode Innovations Assets and Token Issuance

We are adding a new token issuance service into Syscoin. This will allow anyone to create a custom asset token which can then be sent directly to anyone else on the network, and we envisage a variety of use cases including ICO token issuance, supply chain management, reward points, and loyalty programs.
Blockchain Foundry
December 6, 2017

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