The Syscoin Platform Roadmap

It’s time for bigger, better, bolder.

With 2018 coming to an end we’re starting to look ahead at what is coming in 2019. The Syscoin Platform is developing into one of the most advanced protocols available, and ever more organisations are choosing Syscoin over other blockchains. The introduction of game-changing features such as Z-DAG and Assets are enabling third parties to develop innovative products in a wide range of industries.

As community developers continue to build on top of Syscoin Platform it is becoming more difficult to track the status of individual projects. To facilitate this, today we bring you a freshly revamped roadmap with all the details you need to stay informed!

This roadmap is a collaboration between the different teams working on products or projects for Syscoin. The teams include: the Syscoin Development Team, Syscoin Community Developers, SCMT and Blockchain Foundry. On the roadmap you will see only products and projects that are already in the development phase, with info on contributors and progress status. Each month, the roadmap will be updated so be sure to check it on a regular basis.

Currently the roadmap is a static PDF file hosted on the community website; when the new Syscoin website is launched the roadmap will be embedded as an interactive page.

We hope that with this new roadmap we can show our community and the wider crypto space that we are committed to hard work and innovation that benefits all Syscoin Platform users.

If you have any thoughts on how we can improve this roadmap, please feel free to join our Slack channel and get involved! join.syscoin.org

November 9, 2018

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