SYSHUB.ORG: Simple Syscoin Governance Portal

SYSHUB.ORG: Simple Syscoin Governance Portal

The Syscoin Development Team is happy to release a Beta version of the Syscoin proposal and voting portal at syshub.org. SYShub is an easy-to-use graphical interface to Syscoin’s decentralized governance system, allowing voting, proposal creation, news and proposal discussion.

Creating proposals and keeping track of votes is currently done through the Syscoin QT command-line interface and is difficult for the average user. Learning about proposals can also be a cumbersome task as they are currently discussed rather informally in our Slack channel with no centralized repository for documentation or details. SYShub alleviates these difficulties by introducing an easy-to-use portal for creating proposals, documentation, voting and keeping track of other governance information.

SYShub is currently a closed-source project, however, community members who are interested in contributing to its development or wish to vet the code are invited to contact the Syscoin team in Slack or on Telegram.

Current functionality includes:

  • The ability to make a proposal to the governance system for a fee of 100 SYS. Proposals should benefit the Syscoin ecosystem.
  • Users can submit a proposal; they can enter proposal details and provide pertinent documentation to the proposal.
  • Interested parties can see current and past proposal documentation.
  • Masternode holders will be able to vote for proposals directly through the portal in a trustless manner.
VOTING IS CURRENTLY DISABLED. We look forward to enabling this shortly!
  • SYShub will provide recent updates from Blockchain Foundry Inc., Syscoin and Syscoin Community medium channels.
  • SYShub will not have access to any wallet funds and will operates as a trustless system
  • Chat and Discussion


  1. In order to vote on proposals, you will need to enable 2FA and enter your masternode keys into your account. These are NOT Syscoin private keys, and your Syscoin balances will never be at risk. There are two ways to do this: 
    a) You can enter one masternode with the ADD form or
    b) Paste your masternode.conf file to add all your masternodes at once.
  2. SYShub is built on Google Firebase, an industry standard platform used on thousands of websites worldwide. Encryption/decryption process are done client side and there are no shared passphrases. No sensitive data is exposed. Your keys and private data are encrypted on the database. Only you can access this information.
  3. Please be aware that this is Beta software and as such should be used for testing and as a proof of concept. Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and governing body (Syscoin Foundation) are pending. Please use this application at your own risk.

Current and Future

While this is a Beta version, it is fully functional for voting and creating proposals. These are pending issues that will be addressed in a future version:

  1. Enable HTTP links to individual pages
  2. Switch backend to syscoin.js when released
  3. Fix resizing of desktop version UI
  4. Add additional Masternode statistics on home page
  5. Add historical proposal payments on proposal pages
  6. SEO work
  7. Clarify graphics for proposal voting progress
  8. Minor UI improvements and on-screen advice

If there are any issues not on this list, please create an issue on Github

The Syscoin Development Team

SYShub was developed by new Syscoin Development Team member Andres Cortes with oversight from Jag Sidhu, Brad Hammerstron, Dan Wasyluk, Sebastian Schepis, Willy Ko, Sebastien DiMichele, help from Blockchain Foundry staff J and Quang Nguyen. Input from Syscoin Community Marketing Team (SCMT) members Ryan, Michiel, Redrace and MCA plus additional testing from Doublesharp and JohnP have made this a collaborative community project.

This project is ongoing and funding has originated from combined efforts by Syscoin Team members, Syscoin Asia Community, Syscoin community members and Blockchain Foundry Inc.

We’re happy to welcome two excellent and experienced developers, Argenis Villasmil and Andreas Cortes to the Syscoin development team. As lead developer of SYShub Andres Cortes has worked with Syscoin core since February 2016 on a number of Syscoin-related projects including SYShub and Blockmarket Desktop. Argenis Villasmil has worked with the Syscoin protocol since February 2016 as well, as lead developer of Masterminer and other Syscoin based projects. With these new additions, we continue building an exiting future for Syscoin!

Your power, your voice! By owning a Syscoin Masternode you help power a global cryptocurrency network and can vote on changes to the network through decentralized governance! You can earn up to 12% returns, propose additional marketing, development, or request funds to create your own project based on the Syscoin protocol. With lower fees than most blockchains, faster asset transactions through Z-DAG, leveraging the most stable and secure network to ever exist through BTC merge-mining and continuous improvement by some of the most experienced blockchain developers on Earth, the Syscoin Platform is poised to change the world!

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Source: https://medium.com/@syscoin/syshub-org-simple-syscoin-governance-portal-225ee4ca2611

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November 23, 2018

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