Syscoin Community Update #29

This weekly update is written by the community for the community, to bring you all the latest Syscoin, Blockchain Foundry and SCMT news! Thank you to our Slack member @blgh for compiling this update. Weekly updates, other articles and a lot more can also be found on the new syscoin.community website!

Syscoin, SCMT, and BCF News


We’re almost there! Just a few finishing touches to do before we’re ready for our December 18th launch. We’ll be revealing the new Syscoin logo at the same time so make sure you’re around!

The Syscoin Foundation & SCMT Office

On Wednesday Dec 5th, Reiner and Michiel from the Syscoin Foundation collected keys to the new Syscoin Foundation & SCMT office space in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. This is a permanent, shared space for Foundation and SCMT members to use.

Watch this space for more info about the Foundation…

BCF at Blockchain Expo North America

Last Wednesday Dan Wasyluk attended the Blockchain Expo North America and took part in the keynote panel discussion. Dan met the Whiteblock team who were demonstrating their blockchain stress testing /TPS platform, and had a chance to see a demo of the new Blocknet XRouter tech; peer-to-peer trading with Syscoin, Litecoin, among others!

Pangolin and Blockusign - Live Demo

During the recent Syscoin community dev call, Jim from BCF gave a live demonstration of Pangolin and Blockusign - check it out here.

Jag in Mongolia

Syscoin lead coder Jag Sidhu has been to Mongolia this week to speak with the state finance minister and tax authority. Another potential real-world use case and partnership for Syscoin?

MN².io Accepting Masternode Pool Shares

The excellent masternode and tax management platform MN² is now accepting preliminary syscoin pool shares! The withdrawal process is being finalised and all should be live in the next couple of weeks…


SYSIO Progress Report

Community dev hero, Zontar, is making great progress with his Syscoin endpoint toolset, check out a recent schematic:


Move to Discord??

There is a community vote taking place to gauge interest in moving from Slack to the Discord platform. If you’d like to cast a vote head over to the #vote channel in Slack.

Mini-Proposal Winner

Tiribi Tribe are this month’s winner of the mini-proposal fund. They received $500 worth of Syscoin to carry out their promotional activities; more about that here:


Rise Blockchain Leaderboard

Syscoin is ranked #6 on this week’s RISE Blockchain Leaderboard!

SYSHub is live and development continues apace

2FA and masternode services page coming…

Summary of the weekly AMA with Dan

  • Q: So, for blockusign there are gonna be some identities needed. What should we expect on that?

D: DID based identities tied to aliases is the current thinking

  • Q: Are there any plans in improving the identities feature on syscoin blockchain, will it use some 3rd party identities (maybe PeerMountain) or will it use the BMD identities ?

D: The long term plan is to improve them, and tie them to other IDM platforms. The DID spec is flexible enough to allow these sorts of relationships. The BMD idents spec was more a POC for how we could attach expanded data to aliases. The next iteration of identities should be more efficient in terms of blockchain data use as well.

  • Q: Will blockusign be open source or trademarked by BCFN ?

D: It will be closed source added to IP we’re trying to build up for BCF.

  • Q: Would it be possible to maybe use price pegged tokens to pay the fees for docs signed ? Maybe those tokens would automatically convert to syscoin in order to assure syscoin chain profits from the service.

D: My thought here is that you float the fees as part of your business structure and you only expose end users to the fiat costs. So for example you price the service at network fee + margin and you build in some volatility risk to the margin. We could also customize the Pangolin experience to never expose users to the tokens as part of a product-integrated experience.

  • Q: Could there maybe insert not only identities on syscoin blockchian but also Land Registry in order to make possible to sell/buy property on blockchain ?

D: You could do this with aliases or with certificates.

  • Q: What was Blockchain Expo like?

D: The event was great, very different audience than what we normally get at ‘blockchain’ conferences. huge event too, you could get lose in that expo hall. i was showing blockchainswaps at the booth (ping @Curious Cosmos) as an example of what can be built on top of SYS :thumbsup:

  • Q: What is the main goal of BCFN now that BMW is not a 1st hand priority? What would best describe this platform ? Will it be Pangolin, Blockusign or maybe something that has not yet been disclosed?

D: A combination of those things, the main focus of which is really product focused rather than service focused, more details coming soon

  • Q: you mentioned blockchainswaps… is there still some interest from companies which have been presented for BMW dev loading up their SKU? i mean to use blockchainswaps remember some scandinavian company (edited) car/motor supplier

D: We haven’t re-approached them on that, but i think they are open to it. They need to be able to easily bulk upload/edit/delete for it to work for them and u run into some blockchain limitations there. yeah there are ways to address that by moving some of the offer data offchain and aggregating changes before writing them to the chian these are things we would like to implement in future iterations of sys. sys4 in the first milestone release won’t have this feature it will just pave the way for it through… other things it brings. it will also provide a lot more flexibility for asset use cases

Summary of the weekly AMA with J

Postponed till next week.

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December 6, 2018

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