Syscoin Community Update #32

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Syscoin, and BCF News

Syscoin partners up with Blocknorth

This exciting new partnership will centre on Blocknorth integrating Syscoin into their learning environment. Blockorth provide large-scale businesses with tailored courses via their e-learning modules and the Syscoin learning module will be unveiled in early 2019.


Blockchain Foundry releases Blockmarket 3.2

The following enhancements and fixes have been added:

  • Improved: Everyone loves a smooth experience and so do we. This version contains improved aesthetics and navigation icons.
  • Improved: Console commands aren’t for the technical faint of heart but we’ve made them simpler! Introducing a more user-friendly interface to Syscoin commands.
  • Fixed: We’ve updated the Blockmarket Logo to match the recent stylish Syscoin Platform rebranding
  • Fixed: Ran out of a product to sell? Selling on Blockmarket is now simpler. Simply set your offer to a ‘0’ quantity until your stock has replenished
  • Fixed: Finding items has never been easier: Users can now search by GUID (a Syscoin transaction number provided for offers, aliases and assets)

And many other UI Improvement, bug fixes & technical enhancements such as:

  • Repinned architecture to new syscoin.js, replace indexer.api plus complete refactor
  • Allow user to Search by GUID
  • Fix Offchain data errors when viewing aliases and offers
  • Removed unused functions from main and preferences pages


Download BM 3.2 here: https://github.com/syscoin/blockmarket-desktop-public/releases/tag/3.2.0

TPS testing now scheduled for Syscoin 4.0

The dev team have decided to move Whiteblock testing to Syscoin 4.0 because 4.0 will be quicker and more efficient than Syscoin 3.0. Whiteblock have already started to prepare their backend for testing and are now waiting for Jag to complete optimisations before beginning the tests.

Dan Wasyluk and Sebastian Schepis visit CES 2019

Summary of the weekly AMA with Dan

D: We would really like to be able to launch it with more than just a wallet app on it. I think that would really give people a better idea of what a device like this can do, besides being a better hardware wallet for storing your funds

D: Someone recently made the point that any SYS asset that would be launched would then be supported on the wallet automatically- a huge draw IMO for the SYS platform. We have even discussed SYS-asset specific apps with certain teams and how that could benefit their ecosystems (such as Lode).

Q: How does the fit and finish of the safe t touch feel compared to other hard wallets with screens? Looks much sleeker than a ledger blue.

D: Imo its the coolest hardware wallet I’ve seen - as soon as I had it in my and I was asking Archos when i could take one home. Now I just want to improve the core wallet app and add more dapp-specific apps that really illustrate how much more robust this is vs other offerings. Even with the Ledger Nano X apps aren’t given access to the full hardware capabilities. Its like apps within apps (if you’re familiar with Ledger apps). Whereas this device runs apps in the native Android OS container with a TEE element for trusted execution of things like signing, fundamentally means apps have lots more they can do on the Touch.

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January 15, 2019

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