Syscoin Community Update #31

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Syscoin, and BCF News

Syscoin Platform 2018 Year-in-review

As we look forward to 2019 and all the goodness that Syscoin Platform 4.0 will bring, let’s take a moment to wrap up last year with a recap of what’s been achieved so far. The first edition of the “Syscoin Year-in-review” is out and you can read all about it below.


Blockchain Foundry partners with ARCHOS

Blockchain Foundry have partnered with French electronics firm ARCHOS, and will manage the North American distribution of their new touchscreen hardware wallet. Expect support for SYS and Syscoin Platform assets…

From the press-release:

“ARCHOS recently announced the development of the SAFE-T Touch, a ground-breaking innovation in the hardware wallet segment. The SAFE-T Touch offers a highly secure hardware wallet platform, embedding a trusted execution environment incorporating ProvenCore technology from Prove & Run S.A.S., a leading European software security firm. This focus on security, combined with a user-friendly mobile wallet interface, provides SAFE-T Touch users with the best of both worlds; a highly secure environment that is also convenient and easy to use.’’

First #dantime in Discord

The Syscoin community is migrating to Discord and future AMA’s with BCF staff, Syscoin partners and other involved developers will be held there. Join the Syscoin Discord to make sure you don’t miss the next #dantime.

BlockchainSwaps shows progress

The BlockchainSwaps team has been working steadily towards their mobile wallet/authenticator, Syscoin Wasp. This will allow for payment authentication on the BlockchainSwaps web marketplace.

SysHub version 1.0 launched!

Since the launch of SysHub alpha the percentage of masternodes participating in governance voting has risen dramatically. Now the v1.0 release of SysHub brings with it Google 2FA and many other improvements; check out the first full release of this essential voting tool at syshub.org


Syscoin in the news

Blockchain Foundry CEO, Dan Wasyluk was interviewed on how the company can make blockchain work for you. Read the full article below.


Summary of the weekly AMA with Dan

Q: Dan - when you hop on, talk about Archos HW as an Identity Authenticator, and whether it is best to use sys aliases, sys certs, sys assets, or other blockchains with different features. Cheers!

D: “So to get things started I’ll kick it off w your Q @arcticlava
Things change fast, so i can only give you info based on the perspective we have thus far. We definitely are planning on utilizing the Archos Safe-T Touch as a mobile identity authenticator. Those identities will be backed by a DID spec that were actively working on such that they confirm to the W3C standard that we have been developing with the DIF group https://w3c-ccg.github.io/did-spec/”.

“At the moment Syscoin Aliases are the best candidate for that sort of use case, but in SYS4 we expect the data related to identities to grow much larger to help facilitate the various use cases around this kind of data. We still have that info rooted to the Syscoin chain but there are some hybrid components to enable the larger data size without impacting the blockchain’s size. Basically working to move on-chain alias data off-chain and as a next step possibly adding aggregation on top of that we’re also talking to some people around some very very slick ZKP stuff tied to identity, in a nutshell though your right on with your thinking- Safe-T touch as mobile authenticator, identity data captured in standard industry-compliant spec in a scalable and fast way while still being rooted to the SYS chain”.

Q: Is there any estimation when the HW will be available? we talking weeks or months?

D: “Good q- so the mini should be SYS-enabled within a few weeks, we’re literally plugging away on that right now. The Touch won’t start selling until March-ish 2019, and we are trying to get SYS support in place prior to launch on that one but it will require a bit more discussion w Archos since there are a number of service projects they want us to do for them as well”.

Q: How do you see community-devs in regards to the (sudden) move from sys3 to sys4 in terms of long term commitments?

D: “Just need to sign it and publish it but a few of the devs are traveling around right now which is putting a hitch in the process a bit
@locutus I think that it will work out for the best, there are some changes to deal with there but they are for the long term health of all
from what I’ve seen about how the community-dev stuff is being developed there shouldn’t be massive changes needed to adopt sys4, just a clear plan around how certain things will be migrated and then updating the internal APIs to talk to the new stuff rather than the obsolete stuff
its a challenge for sure tho, it’s hard to be open, but still keep thing under our hat with certainty they won’t leak prematurely”.

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January 8, 2019

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