Syscoin Academy is Live!


Syscoin Academy is live!

Visit our new site here! https://syscoin.academy/ (Make sure to bookmark!)

Built on a modified installation of Discourse, the Syscoin Academy site aims to increase exposure of community-based Syscoin development work, with a forum and real-time chat channels to bring developers together and spark community projects in a fun and modern way.

What Will it Bring to the Syscoin Community?

  • A modern and public Syscoin community space to enable current and future developers to learn, discuss, think and build in a well-structured manner.

  • Resources needed for newcomers to get started. These include references per topic, room for discussion and different options for sharing your code.

  • Integrated real-time chat per category for simple conversations, heavier topics can be discussed in the main forum. Private chats are allowed. (Minimum trust level required is 1, to counter spam bots)

  • The platform offers a built-in bounty board (user level 2 required for creating new bounties)

  • Syscoin labs enables a structured communication channel between Syscoin projects and the communities involved (ICOs, companies integrating Syscoin, community-based projects etc). Example: Give a project/ICO a place to present themselves to the Syscoin community, allow for in-depth discussion between the project and community (think AMA’s), get all the Syscoin-related projects together in one place for ease of information, request feedback on product releases, and find testers.

  • Various kinds of community made tutorials & exercises to ramp up learning in a fun and engaging way. Varying from basic to advanced level blockchain building. (If you have an idea for a tutorial, Direct Message @redrace!)

  • Different user trust levels based on user activity (first 50 users to join will level up to level 1 immediately!). This is accompanied with a gamified badge system which allows users to get rewarded for certain platform achievements.

  • Easily like and share topics, threads and answers to allow for easier referencing and sharing of Syscoin content.

  • Subscribe to topics of your liking and get notifications through mail.

  • A responsive mobile environment for the Syscoin Academy.

  • Various moderator tools to monitor community health.

  • Syscoin search engine exposure for the topics discussed, this allows for them to adapt to our chats and optimise in that direction.

  • User trust level explanation and permissions can be found in this topic: https://syscoin.academy/t/about-the-syscoin-academy-readme/12/2


What Problems Will it Solve?

Recently the community has expressed concern over Slack being a closed communication channel, with closed source code, a 10k max message limit, and a slow invite system. The Syscoin Academy will counter these problems in an effective way.

The platform will work alongside the existing real-time communication chats like Slack, Twitter and Discord, with the Academy acting as a hub for these channels.

The Academy’s most valuable asset is its ability to allow for spontaneous low-barrier engagement with external developers, as well enabling users to quickly reference topics with a shareable link to a particular discussion.


The Go-To Community Strategy

To kickstart the Syscoin Academy in a fun, engaging and rewarding way, I (Redrace) will offer a 1000 SYS bounty in the following way:


Phase 1 (Bounty)

  • Put your Syscoin Alias in ''full name'' field on the Syscoin Academy account.

  • Every quality comment, question or answer gets a like (from me) and a 10 SYS reward send to their Syscoin alias. 400 SYS will be allocated this way.

  • The best 3 comments will receive 300, 200 and 100 SYS send to their Syscoin Alias (all comments taken into account, also those rewarded previously).

  • The bounty starts now and will run till Wednesday 31 Oktober.


Phase 2 (Cross engagement)

  • Invite involved and related third-party projects and communities to answer questions/topics created in phase 1 and spark cross project engagement to kickstart the Syscoin Academy. This is to show how the Academy, with its central, low-barrier, approach to community and corporate engagement, should be used.


Future vision

We aim to build the Syscoin Academy into the go-to developer platform for all Syscoin developers, and make it a low-barrier entry point for newcomers to dive into Syscoin development!

With a big special thanks to Curious Cosmos (Slack), Bstr156 (Slack) and the SCMT!

October 23, 2018

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