#Jtime (7 November)

J is a lead developer at Blockchain Foundry which is pursuing different ways of bringing value to any kind of business sector out there by using the Syscoin blockchain.

Due to the limitations of Slack, the AMA's will be stored here for further reference and reading.

redrace [9:45 PM]
So if @thebotguy (Resident Golang Dev) went GO, it would open up even more possibilities right?

thebotguy (Resident Golang Dev) [9:46 PM]
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J [9:46 PM]
@redrace Exactly, yes.

J [9:46 PM]
It should be relatively trivial for someone experienced with GO to make a port of either syscoin-js or syscoin-api-server to GO.

J [9:47 PM]
@bstr156 We are having our first internal sprint demo of Pangolin this Friday actually
So it's possible "the Was" will be talking about it in #dantime that afternoon. I do know that the group working against that is stellar and led by the incredible dude showing up next to Sebastian on the "core team" section of the BCF site
The guys on Pangolin are *supremely* excellent top of the line dudes all around so I know I'm personally excited to see the sprint demo
@redrace I would *KILL* to see lots of different flavors of libraries supporting SYS btw. Talk about a way to massively lower barrier to entry into building stuff. (edited)
Also just a quick note to tell everyone Electron (the app packager) sucks :wink: (edited)
sigh :smiley: I'm sure it's awesome

redrace [9:51 PM]
If only college would have been this fun learning

J [9:51 PM]
Oh my dude, I totally agree

redrace [9:51 PM]
Would have saved me tons of time

J [9:51 PM]
You should see all the stuff the team is picking up now...I wish my university stuff had been as fun
Basically just taught you how to be a Unix systems admin back then

redrace [9:52 PM]

J [9:52 PM]
Nothing against Unix sysadmins BTW, I'm sure they are nice people and that someone is going as one this Halloween

redrace [9:52 PM]
If only we would have such a fun place orientated at learning on Sys coding
Ooh wait we have already

J [9:53 PM]
Taught by Headmaster Schepis!

redrace [9:53 PM]
Sy Sy Sy Syscoin.academy coming to a college near you
Explosions on the background with mister Schepis nodding his head (edited)
You still up for a BMD3.2 screenshot?

J [9:57 PM]
@redrace 2s...

redrace [9:57 PM]
What a service... (looks at his watch)

J [9:59 PM]
Work in progress, so final UI may/will vary (edited)

redrace [9:59 PM]
Nice Material design?

J [9:59 PM]
I can also confirm this supports more than just "getinfo" :slightly_smiling_face:
Yeah some material. I think at some point in the SYS4 realm I'd like to revisit whatever apps we (BCF) produce to be a little more design consistent but that depends on the initiatives and priorities as always

redrace [10:00 PM]
That would be lovely

J [10:01 PM]
Speaking of lovely, *this* has been lovely because @q and I have been able to use this to help us through the pain of Electron and forked node processes, but as is life, pain is inevitable and I gotta roll back to that one :smiley:
Thanks all for your time today and have a safe Halloween!

redrace [10:02 PM]
I'm counting on Z-dag for keeping me safe, hope it will do
Thanks for this awesome #jtime

thebotguy (Resident Golang Dev) [11:06 PM]
replied to a thread:
I can do it as long as I have the swagger without issues :)

BenP [1:17 AM]
replied to a thread:
will you wear a wrestling mask? :grinning: you'll kinda destroy your anonymous "mystique" without it

Dagobert Duck [3:36 PM]
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redrace [3:38 PM]
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locutus [10:03 PM]
Curious about progress on 3.2

keyare [10:13 PM]
in testing
playing with it now

J [10:45 PM]
Ha, about to talk about that!!

mca [10:45 PM]
stop playing with it and test the damn thing!

J [10:52 PM]

locutus [10:52 PM]

J [10:52 PM]
Welcome to another day,

locutus [10:52 PM]

J [10:52 PM]
another reminder that our lives are but a pile of ash consumed in the fire that is existence (edited)

locutus [10:52 PM]
You been talking to @bstr156?

J [10:52 PM]
*AND* another day answering questions re: BCF and SYS
So BMD progress,
pretty good, in fact if you wanted a version that re-indexed the entire chain every single time you loaded it you could have it right away!!
lol, but once that bug has been fixed up it should be shortly avail. There is a possibility of this week depending on @keyare’s testing, but might be sometime after Remembrance Day (edited)

locutus [10:55 PM]
(Sunday Nov 11th)

herbiefast [10:56 PM]
Hi @J any news about the roadmap (edited)

J [10:57 PM]
So from a Syscoin roadmap I know one is coming, because Dan and I went over the BCF deliverables on it

herbiefast [10:59 PM]
Yes syscoin roadmap I mean

J [10:59 PM]
@Michiel Might be able to talk to that one a bit more?

J [10:59 PM]
I believe he's been working away on that one
BMD 3.3 will show up sometime prior to Dec 12th (edited)
That one I think I can reasonably predict...I'm sure the astute among you might note that date seems familiar...

herbiefast [11:00 PM]
For Lode?

J [11:01 PM]

herbiefast [11:01 PM]
Or are sneaky making a wallet for the institutional investers for Bakkt? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Michiel [11:02 PM]
replied to a thread:
yep, should be launched this week!

herbiefast [11:03 PM]
Wow nice! So clear on all sides?

Michiel [11:06 PM]
yeah I got all info from all sides, now it just need some last design work.

herbiefast [11:06 PM]

J [11:09 PM]
Other news to share is more of the same: on release we'll also provide syscoin-js, syscoin-api-server, etc. providing licensing is all good (edited)

J [11:10 PM]
syscoin-api-server has an experimental branch that has an auto-generated Swagger server that can run as well for doc purposes, but the effort + changes are pretty high so that won't be included in first release (that branch might be something that gets given to a community effort if people are that keen)

J [11:11 PM]
Aaaand I'm chatting with Nicholas from LODE to try and convince him to join us for a small guest star appearance on this Slack

J [11:11 PM]
Not sure when that one will happen tho...no promises but I'm working on him (edited)
That is about all the updates on my end! Saw a Pangolin demonstration last week and it was cool. The Pango team is currently working away on some sweet proof of concept stuff for the next sprint or two and then coming back

einalex [11:13 PM]
nice! when mn-powered thin mobile wallet? :smile:

J [11:14 PM]
So what I'd *like* to look into in the new year is to have the Swift Syscoin SDK
if not sooner

einalex [11:16 PM]
that sounds like a framework for people to build stuff on

J [11:16 PM]
I actually have a partial Syscoin iOS SDK already, showed it to Jag and Seb back when we started going down the _syscoin-js_ adventure jsut as a proof of concept

einalex [11:17 PM]
and like a good basis to build a syscoin client around

J [11:20 PM]
I'm also looking into the possibility of a Linux BMD build - not sure if that will make it into either 3.2 or 3.3 but we'll see

J [11:20 PM]
replied to a thread:
Actually BMD 3.2

einalex [11:21 PM]
are you thinking as me, that the masternodes could give us the benefits of thin clients without the need of 3rd party electrum servers that all the others are dependent on?

alternating [11:26 PM]
joined #jtime.

J [11:26 PM]
possibly yes. That's an avenue similar to what I wanted to explore

einalex [11:27 PM]
sweet :slightly_smiling_face:
good times ahead

jg [11:29 PM]
Why the preference for choosing to make a swift SDK rather than java?

einalex [11:30 PM]
isn't that cross platform?
at least I saw swift for ios and android..

J [11:31 PM]
@jg With _syscoin-js_ we've already got some language stuff covered there for platforms of majority

einalex [11:31 PM]
not that I'd know anything about it

J [11:31 PM]
An android version would come as well, the only reason for Swift as the SDK is because I have more background there :slightly_smiling_face: (edited)
But for sure there's absolutely nothing stopping anyone from taking the syscoin-js logic and pushing that through to, say, an Android SDK

jg [11:32 PM]
Ahh ok, I get you. Makes sense. :)

J [11:32 PM]
Or (shudder) using something like React Native / Ionic and just using syscoin-js there

jg [11:33 PM]
No experience with React but I feel the shuddering can't be a positive thing. :P

J [11:34 PM]
React is amazing!!!
React Native is...well, not as much
Just IMO

jg [11:35 PM]
Hah, ok. Might just need to check React non-native out sometime then. :+1:
Just to confirm BMD 3.3 is going to be the last version before you wrap things up and focus more on pangolin, right?

J [11:44 PM]
Focus more on Pangolin and a couple of other things in the pipe
The team from BMD will be going off to some different stuff while Pango continues, then the Pango team will ostenibly join the ex-BMDers
once complete

jg [11:50 PM]
Cool, interested to see what else there is in the pipe then.

J [11:50 PM]
I think you'll like it :smiley: Well, I think it'll be neat anyway...we'll find out! (edited)

jg [11:51 PM]
I have no doubt I'll like it. I think the team's heading in a good direction atm. :grinning: (edited)

alternating [11:51 PM]
hey J do you guys have anything Icould toss at a room of developers.. I wouldn't talk about it but like hey here is the syscoin platform and here is what they bring to the table. More indepth materials (toss materials at developers)

Curious Cosmos [11:52 PM]
joined #jtime.

alternating [11:52 PM]
i'm being very high level but isn't that the syscoin developer portal I could push to them?

keyare [11:52 PM]
there's stuff on syscoin.network (i think) as well

alternating [11:52 PM]

Curious Cosmos [11:53 PM]
@J Can we sign a transaction without downloading blockchain and syscoinQT?

einalex [11:54 PM]
in theory, yes

sidhujag [11:56 PM]
this is some of the work i did in the core to create transactions without a keystore in the core.. keystore can be assumed external as well to sign externally
thus you can push transactions to any node online safely

einalex [11:57 PM]
sign externally :slightly_smiling_face: I like that
that could happen in some secure enclave

sidhujag [11:57 PM]
thats what hw wallets do
secure enclaves

einalex [11:57 PM]
but also smartphones

J [11:57 PM]
yup yup

sidhujag [11:57 PM]
so the idea is you'd have random people create tx's by requesting (pay me for this or sign something as your identity)

einalex [11:57 PM]
it's gonna be great :slightly_smiling_face:

sidhujag [11:58 PM]
your hw wallet would be able to sign that with your biometric auth
smartphone connects to internet which may affect enclave
but that new HTC one looks cool.. i dont trust it though

einalex [11:59 PM]
smartphones have usb and nfc....so you could interface a hardware token this way

einalex [12:00 AM]
but once you do, there is as much of a connection to the internet as there is with the internal secure enclave...

J [12:00 AM]
Whoot gents (and ladies)!
I'm out for the day but as always it's been super cools

einalex [12:01 AM]
have a nice one :slightly_smiling_face:

jg [12:03 AM]
The communication is always much appreciated.

einalex [12:04 AM]
there's probably an argument for both. the less secure as well as the maximum secure. depending on the amounts of funds in question people will want to sacrifice more or less convenience

sidhujag [12:13 AM]
theres wallets that have only usb or nfc no connection to outside world outside of that
those are more secure atleast until we know for sure the enclaves are 100% bulletproof from inside forces within the device
you can also use deep cold storage as well where they store your keys in mountains and shard the keys across locations

but for realistic ones a hw wallet that lets you transfer on demand
and a prepaid card for spending today where visa/mc

November 7, 2018

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