#Jtime (24 Oktober)

J is a lead developer at Blockchain Foundry which is persuing different ways of bringing value to any kind of business sector out there by using the Syscoin blockchain.

Due to the limitations of Slack, the AMA's will be stored here for further reference and reading.

J [10:01 PM]
What's up everyone, welcome again to the inexorable march towards the gigantic maw of death that awaits us all at the end of our journey. With that inevitable finality in mind, I am here to answer questions re Syscoin and BCF as per my normal weekly if anyone has 'em! (edited)

_"So what's going on with Lode? Any updates?"_
Waiting for PR

redrace [10:02 PM]
Hey there J
How are you?

J [10:02 PM]
I am pretty dece! Thanks for asking
Spent the last while debugging some node interprocess stuff which was tooooons of fun
*Supremely* excited by all the activity in #community-dev (edited)

redrace [10:03 PM]
People are getting hungry I see in #community-dev haha
Super excited myself as well

J [10:03 PM]
Looking forward to the king of Go rewriting syscoin-js

redrace [10:04 PM]
Yeah it's becoming like a meditative state with zero to non noise

J [10:04 PM]
I might try my hand at a .NET core version at some juncture, just to get my feet wet back in the mother tongue

redrace [10:04 PM]

keyare [10:04 PM]
oh god

J [10:04 PM]
Oh it's amazing!! I love the productive conversations and the nerding out going on. It's ideal

redrace [10:04 PM]
Yeah, would love to hear more about GO, and how it could serve Syscoin in it's own way, because atm
I have no clue
@thebotguy (Resident Golang Dev)...

J [10:05 PM]
Shouts out btw to @keyare since he is here, because he is killing it on things people don't even know about yet

redrace [10:05 PM]
Keyare the man!
Pitty we only have this screen with avatars bleeping words

J [10:05 PM]
Go is a super cool language, we were discussing it internally for possible projects/approaches in the future. I also like Rust, but the adoption curve is a bit lower ATM

redrace [10:06 PM]
imagine how it would be like if this community met up every night:joy:

J [10:06 PM]

keyare [10:06 PM]
we plan to have a community dev meetup on google hangouts

J [10:06 PM]
It would be hyper productive and also insane (edited)

redrace [10:06 PM]
Channels being different cliques, chatting and pointing fingers
@keyare Woah

J [10:06 PM]
Yeah, the closest we had to a religious war at BCF re: code

redrace [10:07 PM]
That's a really good idea
Record them

J [10:07 PM]
was a discussion about trailing commas as a standard in the JS (for the record I hate them)

keyare [10:07 PM]
yep. live. with faces and zits and all

redrace [10:07 PM]
I was thinking about a hackaton as well

J [10:07 PM]
And masks
And voice filters

keyare [10:07 PM]
unless you're REALLY ugly like me and don't even like you're own voice. then yes, video off lol

redrace [10:07 PM]
Ooh J why you always have to talk to my visual mind
That's a really high quality idea
The fact about lode, why I love them a ton, is that they do these webinars

J [10:08 PM]
You're a weird man @keyare - dude is a smooth talker and a gorgeous beast, company had that agreement internally
Yeah I liked LODE's webinar

redrace [10:08 PM]
Which gives all this technical shit a human spin
Like emotions and such

J [10:09 PM]
I think that kind of stuff would be beneficial at a point when we can do something other than sit on the camera and say "Yeah, we are waiting for PR" :wink:

redrace [10:09 PM]

keyare [10:09 PM]
lol liar. Hey we still have the old Syscoin google hangouts area - I think we could just have it open to anyone interested.

J [10:09 PM]
That would be super cool though, I think it humanizes everyone

redrace [10:09 PM]
But I'm talking dev webinars

keyare [10:10 PM]
programming is easy. get a computer and learn to type. boom

J [10:10 PM]
@keyare evidently missed my out of room discussion with "The Was" at the town hall

keyare [10:10 PM]
musta mistit mistah (edited)

J [10:11 PM]
J: "So that's cool about @keyare being director of product management"
Was: "OH MY GOODNESS he was looking right at me!!! I was so nervous!! Do you think he likes me now that he is running the show? Can you pass him this note for me?"
J (looks at note): "There's no words on here...just...is this lipstick?"

redrace [10:11 PM]
@keyare how is your new spot as quality control management, sorry J (edited)

J [10:11 PM]
Was: "hey I didn't say you can open it, I said can you give it to him, he'll know what it means"

redrace [10:12 PM]
You ever thought about writing a musical @J?

keyare [10:13 PM]
it meant "kiss my arse, you're putting lipstick on a pig"

redrace [10:13 PM]
It would be drama

J [10:13 PM]
The Syscoin musical
Holy crap @keyare

keyare [10:13 PM]
that would be cool

victoratila [10:13 PM]
How far are we on seeing those pics of panngolin?

redrace [10:13 PM]
Syscoin the Musical

J [10:14 PM]
@victoratila Let me ask about this one on Friday - I'm supposed to be attending a sprint demo in the next week or so, so there should be some stuff out of there but will verify with Danno and Brad that it's safe to share.

keyare [10:14 PM]
Syscoin the Musical, starring Jag's pecs written by J

J [10:14 PM]
I can definitely attest to the progress given the chatter in our internal chat rooms re: it

victoratila [10:14 PM]
@J no prob!

J [10:15 PM]
Candidly after this Syscoin Musical idea I barely care about Pango anymore tho :wink: (edited)

victoratila [10:15 PM]
Hahah it would definitely sell tickets

redrace [10:15 PM]

J [10:15 PM]
Any other cryptos out there done a musical?

redrace [10:15 PM]
On the blockchain?

victoratila [10:15 PM]
Sure, certificates

redrace [10:15 PM]

victoratila [10:15 PM]
Or assets

redrace [10:16 PM]
No musical partnerships yet...
Syscoin to bradway?

J [10:16 PM]
@keyare we can re-enact the :musical_note: customer service representative :musical_note: chat I had with Romanian Rock God!!
Sorry dudes, my focus is totally broken now! :smiley:

redrace [10:17 PM]
Go for it J

J [10:17 PM]
Anyway back on track - someone (was it you @redrace?) asked about BMD 3.2
We're looking at this coming roughly around EOM,

redrace [10:18 PM]
Yeah, maybe

J [10:18 PM]
I'm not entirely sure if it will be precisely on Halloween because of some of the infrastructure stuff, but we're aiming for around that window. Also depends on how much @keyare blows up

redrace [10:18 PM]
So it will drop with Library, indexer?

J [10:18 PM]
^ Yes

redrace [10:18 PM]

J [10:19 PM]
Indexer-api and syscoin-indexer were reworked over this last period to make them npm packagable

victoratila [10:19 PM]
Will it perceive zdag transfers?

J [10:19 PM]
(They also had some dependencies in there that tied them explicitly to BMD...that's now been removed so people don't need to include the Electron library just to use syscoin-indexer, for example)
@victoratila That's actually hard to say - background is that we want most of the BMD team to actually migrate away from BMD post-haste for a variety of reasons. If ZDAG perception can be accomplished easily (meaning, does the core broadcast the appropriate event and can BMD appropriately listen to it) it will go in, (edited)
but the highest priority item given the timeline is a revised console that mimics QT behavior to some degree vs. the giant Swagger UI you currently have

redrace [10:22 PM]
So any plans on ''wrapping up'' to a state it's good enough and dedicate the resources to other stuff?

J [10:22 PM]
That's the plan at current in fact.

redrace [10:22 PM]
For example is it worth it to integrate fiat gateway in an unused marketplace

J [10:22 PM]
Actually to that point, DiMichele and I did have talks with a fiat gateway (that I won't name here)
but we both came out of that meeting with some massive concerns about their architecture and approach and after discussing it w/ Danno we felt it was too much risk to take on for our part with that particular provider.

redrace [10:23 PM]
Would need something that drives conversions to peak interest for both party's
Something BMD is not unfortunately (yet)

J [10:23 PM]
Yeah it was a lot of effort for a massive risk for hard to discern ROI :smiley:
I was (and am) a big booster of a fiat to crypto piece of BMD if it's low effort (and in many cases it *should* be...it's just APIs)

redrace [10:24 PM]
Yeah indeed

pmark [10:25 PM]
joined #jtime.

redrace [10:25 PM]
So any plans after a super stable BMD?

J [10:25 PM]
as it's a great gateway (pardon the pun) to getting involved. The providers we've seen haven't really been up to that sort of thing. Some of them didn't even really understand how things like credit ratings work...as a guy who has dealt more than he has ever wanted to do with things like Equifax's credit APIs in solutions, I do understand how those things operate
@redrace Good question, here's what I can detail on re plans pre and post BMD 3.2
BMD 3.2 is intended to be the last "major" release of BMD for some time. There will likely be a bugfix release or two depending on if we discover something odd, but no other major release is currently planned.

redrace [10:26 PM]
Good to hear actually
You're far to capable to invest your time and energy in unused features of a wallet
poc features even

J [10:27 PM]
Awww, I appreciate that - this actually mirrored my own sentiments when I started planning 3.2's release with @keyare.
Not the "too capable" part but the "shouldn't we have the team focused on things that will make the company money"

redrace [10:28 PM]
Yeah, I know I would feel purposeless if the numbers show no sales and no engagement, but you need to work that stone up the mountain everytime

victoratila [10:29 PM]
How was the Dubai experience for Jag and Seb? I know they didn´t win competition, but did they talk to some interesting people, etc...

J [10:29 PM]
So most of the BMD team first got rerouted to Pango while a skeleton crew stayed w/ me on BMD to help wrap things overall

redrace [10:29 PM]
So post BMD...

J [10:29 PM]
Ha, so post BMD...let me figure out how to phrase this

keyare [10:29 PM]
So I think I can jump in here.

J [10:29 PM]
Oh good!!
Please do :smiley:

redrace [10:30 PM]
Any aspirations
Ooh okay

J [10:30 PM]
(I'll wait for @keyare :wink: )
(@victoratila Haven't forgotten about Dubai either, I'll get there)

keyare [10:30 PM]
So... BMD is a beast. Everyone knows it's a feature pig. It basically has everything in it and confuses people. SOOO our next philosophical journey is to branch those features off into their respective products.

redrace [10:31 PM]
Sounds the right thing to do indeed
If there is demand
The concept is working fairly smootly

keyare [10:31 PM]
if you want a marketplace - have a marketplace - it doesn't need assets and stuff. If you want assets - have an asset wallet. etc

J [10:31 PM]
Right, exactly

keyare [10:32 PM]
BMD is a great proof of concepts all-in-one but we're mature enough to really focus on making products targeted to their use-cases now.

redrace [10:32 PM]
So any features in particular you can't wait to work out as a standalone masterpiece?

victoratila [10:32 PM]
That's awesome!! And very much needed!

keyare [10:33 PM]
Plus it gives us more things to sell lol

J [10:33 PM]

J [10:33 PM]
The next steps for the team on BMD are to sync up with Schepis on something that...without going into super details about it, I felt when Sebastian showed it to me that it addressed a number of technical difficulties I saw over the last while in a very positive way (edited)

redrace [10:33 PM]
I can imagine the Pango combo with - x/y/z feature will work out greatly (edited)

J [10:33 PM]
That will go a long way to helping address what @keyare is also discussing

redrace [10:35 PM]
replied to a thread:
I think I read one of his twitter comments about that...

J [10:35 PM]
It's pretty fascinating stuff. I hate to be all "oh exciting, wish I could tell you" but I think when it becomes clearer (and realer) it'll make a lot of sense.
Oh yeah @redrace for sure. I am generally pretty skeptical of most stuff people show me (as you can tell from my dialogues here). In fact on go-round #1 (when the idea was pretty different) I felt similarly nonplussed
When the idea evolved into round #2 however I was pretty pumped, kept pounding my desk over the zoom chat while Seb and I were talking

redrace [10:36 PM]
Yeah exactly...
Also about the funding...
I was impressed you were so excited
Because I'm feeling you in terms of realism
And go to market etc

J [10:38 PM]
Ha, that is great! I hope my enthusiasm carries over. I know @lonestar108 is not in Slack all that much anymore but trust me he is working pretty tirelessly on this stuff. It's also (quite openly) awesome for me, because one of the main draws for me to come to BCF was the potential opportunity to work w/ him in development, whatever form that took (edited)

redrace [10:38 PM]

J [10:39 PM]
Dude he is a super super super genius.

redrace [10:39 PM]
How good is he?

J [10:39 PM]
I barely respect - or like - most other human beings and/or developers

redrace [10:39 PM]
I never got that idea indeed, see no code in gihub from him
No talks on Slack
No speaks which were dev related

J [10:39 PM]
A running joke we have though is that if I go talk to Seb about something I'm totally fine
Seb is actually the guy who wrote the original versions of the indexers

victoratila [10:40 PM]
Should we have a lonestartime?

Sandy [10:40 PM]
I was sifting through "general" and I am still seeing lots of BMW angst. Let's stick with those three letters. Suppose BMW (auto company) met with shareholders and told them we are switching our lineup to sports cars and small hatchbacks because we made those back in the 70s and were known for them. We don't care that the SUV/cross over market is where the money is because that was not the original intent of BMW. Feel free to use this as a retort.

J [10:40 PM]
Ha you guys should! I'll ask him about that

victoratila [10:40 PM]

redrace [10:40 PM]

J [10:41 PM]
For whomever remembers my discussion re: ZDAG a while back
I said to Romanian Rock God, "you know what? Why don't I just ask Seb about it, you know how this goes, I'll talk to him and then everything will be fine"

redrace [10:41 PM]
How you got impressed with Sebastian in the first place?

J [10:41 PM]
Sebastian and I have similar theories and approaches to software craftsmanship

redrace [10:41 PM]
His native code tongue is?

J [10:42 PM]
Also his code for the indexers - openly - was about the only stable thing in the BMD 3.0 release that worked completely as designed with very limited alteration through the entire development cycle (edited)

redrace [10:42 PM]

J [10:42 PM]
Which I noted during the process

redrace [10:42 PM]
Finally some words on Seb
He's been a mystery for me (and I think others)

J [10:43 PM]
Yeah he is like me actually, doesn't really love attention.

redrace [10:43 PM]
Since he went rogue

J [10:43 PM]
@victoratila Dubai!
Really good. I think we are evaluating how best to proceed with opportunities there if they are available. Jag and our sales dude had fun.
@Sandy ha I like that.
I get why the angst re: BMW given it's been something in the community's mind for so long (and quite frankly, I don't believe we ever really presented them with much else in that time frame).
The good news is that it looks like there are *several* BMW-ish initiatives happening at the moment, judging from #community-dev and elsewhere,
so the people that wanted BMW will likely eventually get their wish one way or another, even if BCF isn't necessarily the one to fulfill that
@Zontar is basically a one-man BCF at this point

keyare [10:47 PM]
I was watching this documentary on NASA and how they got to the moon. And it was really powerful how ONE simple goal invigorated an entire nation. To be honest, our goals have been like stars lately but we're slowly getting focused on our moon.

J [10:47 PM]
_"To be honest, our goals have been like stars lately but we're slowly getting focused on our moon."_
^ Super agreed on this. The repositioning of resources from BMD is representative of that overall alignment coalescing as well
I think in the next 6 months w/ community involvement and the directions we are headed in, it will be a pretty cool time to be around, if only to say "hey I remember just before 'everything' happened" (edited)

redrace [10:50 PM]

keyare [10:50 PM]
Balls to the wall man

J [10:51 PM]
Mostly I'm just thrilled to see so many people actually playing with the current protocol

keyare [10:51 PM]
Yeah it's awesome.

J [10:51 PM]
Because that then creates a more community-based direction for what we're doing, which is part of what being involved in this stuff is about

redrace [10:52 PM]
@keyare, keep that vid chat idea flowing

keyare [10:52 PM]
bit of overlap happening. hopefully we can get more communication and focus now that many have played with it.

redrace [10:52 PM]
It's a good one

J [10:52 PM]
Yeah I agree

keyare [10:53 PM]
randomly futzing with it is like the best way to learn it though. lol

J [10:54 PM]
Oh totally, what I loved was people playing with it and saying "Wait, why does this work this way?" like Zontar saying "What is going on with the description field?" :smiley:

Sandy [10:54 PM]
I would say that an increase in tweets promoting these dev chats might be helpful

keyare [10:55 PM]
if there was more time in the day lol

redrace [10:55 PM]
It's time some community devs get some more trust in themselves and make requests to the official github
Got some capable people in here now

J [10:56 PM]
I definitely am encouraging PRs to syscoin-api-server, syscoin-js, indexer-api, syscoin-indexer, and anything else we O.S. (edited)
There'll be a writeup in the github repo about how to submit PRs

keyare [10:56 PM]
did you push js?

redrace [10:56 PM]
That should be official :stuck_out_tongue:

J [10:56 PM]
Yes, it's there - just private right now @keyare
Once the licensing stuff is resolved they'll go public, likely at the same time or before BMD. Will also publish them as NPM packages.
Ideally would also like to see people contributing PRs to the core, but we recognize that code base is currently fairly opaque and difficult to work with. One of the many goals (I believe? @keyare could speak more to this I think) of SYS4 is to reduce the barrier to entry for people who want to help with the protocol

redrace [10:58 PM]

keyare [10:58 PM]
yes of course. making it easy for other devs makes it easier for us, and any people we hire

J [10:59 PM]
And speaking of public and private...I gotta bounce to my "repository strategy" meeting :slightly_smiling_face: BUT as always super good chatting with you all and see you next week around this time. And yes @Sandy maybe a tweet about it will be good, we'll see!
thanks y'all

keyare [10:59 PM]

Sandy [10:59 PM]
thanks j

redrace [11:01 PM]
See Ja

October 24, 2018

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