#Jtime (21 November)


J is a lead developer at Blockchain Foundry which is pursuing different ways of bringing value to any kind of business sector out there by using the Syscoin blockchain.

Due to the limitations of Slack, the AMA's will be stored here for further reference and reading.

J [10:44 PM]
Yo all,

J here again with the usual interlude to answer questions and provide updates where apropos:
So without further adieu
*Open sourcing*
_syscoin-js_, _indexer-api_, and _syscoin-indexer_ are all docced up and pretty much ready to go (need to add some notes on _syscoin-api-server_), then it's good too (edited)
*BMD 3.2*

Builds are in the hands of @keyare at this juncture, with one final additional feature being added as a special request, at which point this build will go to advisory to give a look at and then a release.
I had forgotten that in the States it's Thanksgiving so this is likely showing up next week depending on how the build states resolve
The team for Pangolin has been focused on some other cool stuff this month that is semi-related to Pangolin but still kind of cool, they return to Pangolin to my knowledge next month
*But who cares!?*
You guys have all seen the work @Curious Cosmos, @Zontar, and @daltonism have been doing as of late. Super duper impressive stuff.
Wanted to highlight that here because as cool as new BMD and some of these (finally) open-sourced projects are, i think community dev stuff and initiatives are pretty rad. It's nice to see so much neat stuff popping up! (edited)
I'm definitely pretty stoked about these things (BC swaps, sysio, etc.) myself
That's it! Nothing more for me to share at this juncture I believe! :smiley:

alternating [10:51 PM]
nice work j
everyone is making fuuuuuud (food)

locutus [10:55 PM]
@J What is your take on projects who want to build on top of the Syscoin platform but rather *not* Open Source their projects?

J [10:56 PM]
Totally cool with it
The platform itself being open source makes sense
But apps built on the platform may represent someone else's intellectual property and it's easier for someone unscrupulous to take that work
I think it depends on the motivations of the author/authors

locutus [10:58 PM]
I think so to.

J [10:59 PM]
For example - and given I think I've mentioned this openly in other channels
I mentioned to Curious that probably for now it would be better to *not* open source blockchain swaps, particularly at an early entry point.

locutus [11:00 PM]
Open Source does not automatically mean secured and trustworthy, I hope people will see that. That also works the other way.

J [11:00 PM]
If there's a point where he feels that it's more appropriate to open source it (for example, he can't continue with the project but would like to see it live, etc. etc.) then obviousy up to him
But as another channel member pointed out at the time it's pretty tough to take open source -> closed source :smiley:
"Open Source does not automatically mean secured and trustworthy" Completely!!

locutus [11:01 PM]
Licensing wise you mean?

J [11:01 PM]
Not just licensing wise, but also once you have your code out there once, you don't know who's gotten a hold of it.
Now, that's totally dependent on your motivations, so some people might OS something, say, "Just kidding, don't want to share this anymore" and that's fine - say up to version 3 is opensource but every version beyond that is closed,
and you're up to version 9 - clearly there likely are massive differences to the source at that juncture

locutus [11:04 PM]

J [11:04 PM]
I think reference applications, SDKs, helper apps, and things of that nature are good open source candidates. Something like BC swaps or @daltonism’s stuff (that run or will run on revenue models) aren't really things I'd open source myself. (edited)

locutus [11:05 PM]
No, I would not either.
Will you be also on the AMA with Lode next Tuesday?

J [11:07 PM]
Not in an "answering questions" capacity I'd think as that's more for Lode, though I might interject depending on what's being discussed if it's pertinent

J [11:07 PM]
I saw your feedback in their Telegram channel :slightly_smiling_face:

J [11:08 PM]
Were there things not covered there that are things we (BCF) could or are at liberty to answer here? I didn't watch the live feed. (edited)

J [11:23 PM]

locutus [11:25 PM]
replied to a thread:
Yeah, I think they could have done more with that live stream. I think it is good to have direct interactions with video. I am hoping that some key figures are willing to do that in the near future as well. (edited)

J [11:37 PM]
And that's it peeps! Gonna continue to focus on my awesome doc writing :smiley: You're all the best!

November 21, 2018

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