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J is a lead developer at Blockchain Foundry which is persuing different ways of bringing value to any kind of business sector out there by using the Syscoin blockchain.

Due to the limitations of Slack, the AMA's will be stored here for further reference and reading.

J [10:05 PM]
Meeeeeeeeow welcome yall

victoratila [10:06 PM]
Hi J, could you please tell us how did Jag and Sebastien did on dubai?

J [10:06 PM]
I can in fact!
Sebastien didn't go to Dubai to my knowledge although *he* did awesome on Dubai getting us in there in the first place
As it was his pitch they selected to be one of the 20 finalists

victoratila [10:07 PM]
Haha Sebastian then!

J [10:07 PM]
So Jag and our BCF sales king went to Dubai
We did not *win* the competition (not sure who actually did?) but apparently we performed quite well considering we didn't have any off the shelf products to be demoing at this thing (vs some of the other participants).
In the end as I said to some of the dev team, "Does it really matter if Jag wins the competition, when he's already won the most important thing...our friendship"
Seriously though it was a big honor to be even selected out of the proposals and pitches. Pitching is Dubai is huge! It's also good practice for us, since it's probably not going to be the last time we do something like that I am sure (edited)

victoratila [10:12 PM]
Nice, yes, i was pleasently surprise when you guys droped the news you were going to Dubai! Ive seen some talks about working with some governments, including Mongolia?, Could you elaborate a bit on that?

J [10:14 PM]
I can to some degree, as in - we've been talking to some governments (Mongolia inclusive) to leverage some of our blockchain expertise to help in some more foundational "enterprise-y" ways. Obviously there are a multitude of interested parties in these kinds of deals as they are potential "cornerstone" clients
You get to be involved in a very significant way in helping structure the enterprise and it gives you quite a bit of consulting leverage having that under your belt. i.e. "relax, your solution isn't that complicated, we had to do this for an entire country" kind of thing

hashrate [10:16 PM]
if you attract a client or two from Dubai and onboard them on the Syscoin blockchain, it would be a huge win in my book.

J [10:16 PM]
I ask Dan every 3 days whether he is the new Prime Minister/Benevolent Dictator/Bloodthirsty King of X country yet but no news on that front
@hashrate Forrrrrr sure. It's a big goal for many consulting companies to have international presence; this would significantly move the needle for us in that direction (edited)

victoratila [10:17 PM]
haha definitely! How about Pangolin, whiteblock throughput, how are those things developing?

J [10:19 PM]
Perrfect timing there, I can jump into my dev update!
*Whiteblock throughput* I can't speak to, although Jag might be able to when he gets back from Dubai. I don't have visibility into why it's taken whiteblock so long but I'm going to assume it's just low on their priority queue.

hashrate [10:20 PM]
I'd like to ask a couple of questions.
You said that doublesharp was (temporarily) not on the team anymore, as you don't have a job suitable for senior godlike prowess at the moment. Does it mean you will hire him again for another project in the future?
I'd like him to stay as close as possible to our community and be a part of Syscoin's future.

victoratila [10:20 PM]
Sys 4? I know the codemaster is on Dubai making friends and dazzling people with his expertise in blockchain tech, but is there any new progress on that front (ive missed the last updates so maybe im a bit late to the party on that front) (edited)

J [10:20 PM]
Yup yup! Lemme answer these in the following order:

victoratila [10:21 PM]
I'm okay with that

J [10:21 PM]
*Pangolin*: proceeding as planned with its current team - I don't want to overcommit them but I'll chat about maybe getting some screenshots at some point in the next 2-3 weeks as I know they're very happy with the work there. I'm happy simply because it's the first React project BCF has been doing and I waaay prefer it to Angular
Probably some of BCF's highest quality code work to date from my looking at the repo, but that's to be expected given the superstars in that group (edited)

victoratila [10:23 PM]
That sounds promising :slightly_smiling_face:

J [10:23 PM]
*SYS4*: There is new progress on this front but I'm wary of sharing much on this yet simply because it is in fairly early stages. We do have code actively being committed to a repo and the usual JIRA boards and tasks going for it. There are aspects to this (and another internal piece of work) that I'm personally pretty pumped about but they're not really at "here's exactly what we're doing/planning" stage just yet.
I know people *hate* the "soon we'll have more on this front" (understandably given the background and baggage) but I do believe that a lot of the discussions on this front will be worth the wait and will make Dan's early twitter excitement/teasing justifiable
Speaking about @doublesharp (who can feel free to chime in here if he's around, but he's likely out and about saving children from burning buses)
So I'll talk through this in two parts:

_"You said that doublesharp was (temporarily) not on the team anymore, as you don't have a job suitable for senior godlike prowess at the moment. Does it mean you will hire him again for another project in the future?"_

Totally. I think it's pretty safe for me to say that if BCF had the kind of client work that allowed us to have him here and be running a profit we'd do that in a heartbeat without thinking twice. He's extremely talented, very nice, and dedicated to doing quality work as befits a professional software engineer (and you may or may not be surprised at how rare that latter quality is in our field, depending on your experience).
As a guy who has worked as a contractor/hired gun for almost his entire career save BCF (which is the first FT role outside of my own startupish stuff that I've taken in a long time), I know that part of the deal with the high bill rate is because of potential volatility in available proj. work. But obv I love the dude as passionately as one can platonically love a human being and I have said - internally and externally - a big metric of our success will be the ability to bring him back if he so wants to be brought back. (edited)

Sandy [10:30 PM]
any update on the LODE network ?

J [10:31 PM]
Your other part (less of a question there :wink: ) _"I'd like him to stay as close as possible to our community and be a part of Syscoin's future."_
1000000% agreed. But I view that as more of a selfish desire on my part because I feel people like @doublesharp are the people that not only can code but make the ecosystems *around* them better, more fun, levelled up, etc. etc.
@Sandy "any update on the LODE network" - unfortunately nothing that I can talk about more than "BCF has spoken to them, they've spoken to BCF" (clarity here: BCF has spoken to them as the operating entity vs. LODE and Syscoin, though obviously that pairing kind of enters initial discussions automatically by the nature of how BCF is formed and its CTO's heavy involvement in that code base :slightly_smiling_face: )

Sandy [10:34 PM]

J [10:34 PM]
I figure there might be more news on this front in the next week or so though?

victoratila [10:35 PM]
Will you guys try to secure more funding in the near future?

Sandy [10:35 PM]
For sure. thanks so much, J (edited)

J [10:35 PM]
Ha good question @victoratila. :smiley:
No pun intended but perhaps the million dollar question

Sandy [10:36 PM]
Doesn't the funding pretty much come from BCF's clients ?

J [10:36 PM]
@Sandy BCF's existence came from outside funding actually, so I get why the q came up

hashrate [10:36 PM]
the last part was also my true desire to see him around if he so wishes and my gratitude for everything he's done for the Syscoin project and continues to contribute to our community. I hope he sees these words :slightly_smiling_face:

J [10:37 PM]
But yes, in a consultancy normally that would be the case - if the company were strictly a consultancy that's how your money is made. Normally VCs aren't terribly interested in consultancies since there are tons of those of all sorts
@hashrate I talk to him all the time, I'll make sure he knows
As for outside funding, I myself wouldn't put it outside of the realm of possibility but that is J speaking for J and not for BCF there - I think there's been some product discussion internally that might justify going after some funding
And this is speaking as a man who has turned funding down previously and thinks most ideas are hot garbage

Sandy [10:40 PM]
Indeed. VCs normally wouldn't be crazy about a consultancy. This is a unique situation because BCF is a consultancy that is publicly traded but developing client products that operate on top of a blockchain protocol. As far as I know, BCF/SYS are one of one in that regard- that may keep you guys in the VC spotlight.

J [10:40 PM]
Oh that last sentence :wink:

Sandy [10:41 PM]

J [10:41 PM]
But I understand totally and that is in many ways the prevailing perception, and to be fair I know we *do* trade on that IP (SYS) as proof of our expertise (edited)
The client products aspect is where I would see funding coming from if it did for sure.
And yes, funding otherwise comes from BCF's clients - that being said as a guy who ran a consultancy previous I know that there is a volatility swing there (hence the doublesharp thing) - sometimes you have too much work and not enough people, sometimes not enough client work and too many people. Very very very rarely do you have it just right
And that's why pure consultancies have a tough time without steady recurrent revenue. But very few consultancies have it together enough to put together a cohesive and realistic product vision and organize the company properly to handle both - it's a difficult thing to do

hashrate [10:46 PM]
My last question is the following:
From a conversation in a previous AMA or in #community-dev I learned that the open-source dApps infrastructure on Syscoin platform is still under development. When once complete and implemented, will it use Z-DAG or just the common Syscoin blockchain for transactions?

victoratila [10:46 PM]
What do you meand with "some product discussion"? Do you mean another product you guys would like to create? Is it on sys or its not so relevant?

J [10:48 PM]
^ Ha these two questions might be related
"open-source dApps infrastructure on Syscoin platform" Do you have a different quote or source for this one? Just not sure what it means @hashrate
@victoratila Hmm, what I can say about this...
@victoratila The answer to your first question: yes, another product. Second answer: ...both?

hashrate [10:51 PM]
I may have not quoted it correctly, I am not sure whether I will find it..I'll try. (edited)

J [10:52 PM]
I know that there are a number of different projects that seem to be in the pipeline for dApps on Syscoin - meaning non-BCF ones
As to whether they use ZDAG or not - my understanding is that you're using ZDAG automatically when you use assets, it's a matter of the user interface demonstrating it properly
Which reminds me I need to have a discussion with Sidhu when he gets back about that, so thanks for that reminder :smiley:
Oh! before I forget a couple of things I think I'm comfortable sharing here:
a) you will most likely see a new BMD release by the end of the month
b) you will likely see the revised open-sourced indexer + sys-indexer at that time as well
c) you will likely see the open-sourced syscoin-js and syscoin-api-server at that time too

I'll be the maintainer along with a couple of other designates on those libraries for community contributions

hashrate [10:59 PM]
it was about alternating's dev friend who wanted to see APIs for dApps on Syscoin platform, but couldn't find such. Comment should be from 1-2nd October but disappeared because of 10k slack limit. There is a reply to that on this AMA (just scroll up) from Zontar on Wednesday October 3rd at 5:08PM Vancouver time.

J [11:00 PM]
Oh apis are available, I remember this now
But yes, better APIs will be coming. I definitely recommend (and community should promote) @Zontar’s endpoints from an exploratory perspective, because they are awesome (edited)

hashrate [11:02 PM]
so dApps would have the same technical status as assets do and hence dApps would use Z-DAG for settling their processes and transactions?

Zontar [11:04 PM]
for clarity, remember I'm a non-BCF community dev, the SYSIO project (endpoints & dapp support services) is a community motivated project with long term planned support

J [11:04 PM]
Oh you're meaning "will other domain objects use ZDAG like assets"? (vs dApps, which would be an app traditionally running against a blockchain)
Of course @Zontar - I just wanted to highlight you here because you've been by far one of the most - if not the most - significant community contributor dev-wise I've seen since being here

hashrate [11:06 PM]
assets use Z-dag, will dApps use Z-dag; or it's too early to tell? :slightly_smiling_face: My question in short.

J [11:06 PM]
Well to give you an example:
BMD is a dApp
uses assets - the platform underneath it (SYS) uses ZDAG - so technically yes it does (its UI doesn't represent that process but it's occurring) (edited)
hopefully that makes sense
I gotta bolt off now my dudes and dudettes - but thank you again for your questions and the time! It's a pleasure building stuff with you.

hashrate [11:13 PM]
thanks, J!

doublesharp [11:29 PM]
@hashrate do you know how Z-DAG works?
Offers, Certs, and AssetAllocations use ZDAG. It uses a DAG in the mempool to order the transactions to detect a double spend before it is committed to a block

doublesharp [11:31 PM]
It gives you a degree of confidence that it will ultimately be accepted by a miner

J [12:13 AM]
Oh SNAP it's @doublesharp

J [12:25 AM]
@doublesharp Since you and hashrate are both here he wanted to tell everyone how much he wants you to be here forever (seriously, scroll up)

blocknugget [1:34 AM]
It really was an awesome bash script as well :)

doublesharp [1:45 AM]
you kind of need to know bash to do server admin, i use it in some of my build tasks too

doublesharp [1:45 AM]
This is a virtual place so im not really here or not here

hashrate [3:47 AM]
replied to a thread:
I just wanted to know when 3rd parties begin using dApps on the Syscoin platform at some point, they wouldn't suffer from the "cryptokitties" syndrome because of platform throughput bottleneck.

J [4:40 AM]
@hashrate We are a looooooooong way from that happening, 2 zillion TPS or not I think
We are looking at some alternative ways of handling the "Cryptokitties" scenario
Once Zontar builds his Sysquarium app we'll be able to really give it a run :wink: (edited)

doublesharp [4:50 AM]
@hashrate that question is too broad to be able to answer without knowing what people are trying to do
You still have the block time and size as a limit
You can overflow this into the mempool up to the size of the mempool and then it will reject transactions
ZDAG sorts the transactions in the mempool to give you confidence that it will eventually be committed but it does also become riskier to accept high value amounts with high usage
The sustained throughput can only exceed the block size/time limit for some amount of time before you run out of memory in the mempool
Depending on your definition of “transaction” you will get different numbers - if you just want to rely on the DAG on the mempool to accept that something will be confirmed then you can get higher burstable “tps” rates but at the end of the day it still needs to resolve to a block

hashrate [5:04 AM]
thank you, guys, for the clarification :wink:

NerZee [7:30 AM]
replied to a thread:
There is no spoon

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