#Dantime (26 Oktober)

Danosphere, aka Dan Wasyluk, is founding member of the Syscoin Platform and the CEO of Blockchain Foundry. Blockchain Foundry is persuing different ways of bringing value to any kind of business sector out there by using the Syscoin blockchain.

Due to the limitations of Slack, the AMA's will be stored here for further reference and reading.

redrace [9:36 PM]
I'll will be travelling during Dan time
If someone sees Dan ask him about the Powerpoint...

pmark [9:45 PM]
what time does dan usually stop by?

danosphere [9:54 PM]
im here now!
going to start #dantime a lil early today because i have a hard stop at 4:55p to prep for the next thing
:wave: all and happy Friday! Let's head to #dantime to catch up on all things $SYS
oh that should be in general doh

danosphere [9:56 PM]
Going to start w where we left off last week- the PRs we have took more legal process than I projected when i first shared here (my bad) - they are clear of legal now and being translated, will be live next week

danosphere [9:56 PM]
its bad form to PR on a Friday so we aren't going to do that

pmark [9:57 PM]
that answers my question ^ so cheers, thanks for stopping by - I posted in tokenrelated stuff but had a pretty cool sys moment today.
I had to pay my lawyer for some services and he was accepting crypto (coinpayments).

danosphere [9:58 PM]
oh nice! that's awesome
yeah we are working to get SYS on more places too, and its going well this stuff just takes time even when we have a path to getting SYS on new platform XYZ
I think we have a very strong hardware wallet opportunity too, SYS needs a hw wallet badly

pmark [10:02 PM]
Any advancements on some clarity between BCF and sys direction moving forward? I know things need to be semi tight lipped with nda’s but there was some confusion about the syscoin direction a while ago with BMW not being the main goal right now. Your response ‘working to get SYS on more places too’ prompted my thinking, is main goal of bcf/sys connection to find vendors/services/companies to build on the sys blockchain? (edited)

danosphere [10:03 PM]
there is definitely a lot of work going on re: bcf/sys and we are working to get to a point where we can share the strategy there
its very closely intertwined with the Syscoin Foundation effort as well
From what has been communicated thus far the specifics of what we are planning to do might be a first for a _public_ company
all seems feasible, its just going through the process to get from A to B... while still building products and serving clients :wink:

mca [10:04 PM]
A few questions about sys4 - will it be based on a codebase outside sys3, or simply sys3 with new, original code added?

danosphere [10:04 PM]
sys3 with new original code added ... given those 2 options

pmark [10:05 PM]
sounds like a legal headache :+1:, hope your lawyers accept coinpayments as well :slightly_smiling_face:

danosphere [10:05 PM]
hahah it is def a headache

mca [10:05 PM]
When the fork happens, funds will be generated for various parties, who are they and how will the funds be distributed to these parties transparently?

danosphere [10:06 PM]
we don't have enough clarity on that for me to specifically comment on that part... since it is somewhat dependent on those legal answers (edited)
any funds created would most definitely be distributed transparently

mca [10:06 PM]
Any idea how you might do that?

danosphere [10:07 PM]
Yep, the transparent distro part is a known thing

mca [10:07 PM]
Who gets the funds?

danosphere [10:07 PM]
we don't have enough clarity on that for me to specifically comment on that part... since it is somewhat dependent on those legal answers
certainly part of the intent is to provide operating funds to Syscoin Foundation

mca [10:08 PM]
Oh I thought that was a reply to pmark:)

danosphere [10:08 PM]
since we have some in the dev fund, but not much... not enough to be effective lets say
:slightly_smiling_face: all good
so when the Foundation gets funds, we'll publish exactly what address those funds were sent to and how much (edited)
and from there its all chain-traceable

mca [10:09 PM]
What legal questions/answers are you waiting on before you can say who gets the funds?
Oh i see so the foundation will manage the distribution of fork ‘premine’ funds?

danosphere [10:10 PM]
Its a myriad

mca [10:10 PM]
I’m sure

danosphere [10:10 PM]
discussions with accountants setting up foundation, discussion with our public company auditors, recap with the legal team advising on the fork, and maybe then we can share w some confidence that what we are saying will align with what is actually going to happen
the first 2 in that string are happening next week, and hopefully we can circle back w our legal by Friday but ... i would bank on the week after for that
well I assume they are happening next week, they aren't actually on calendar yet

mca [10:12 PM]
Yes I’d imagine there must come a point before the fork where the fund distribution plan is clear, and cleared by legal, at which point it will be made public. Otherwise it would be scrapped

danosphere [10:12 PM]
yep exactly
I just dont wanna say XYZ and then have to walk that back later and create confusion and more questions etc

mca [10:12 PM]
Thanks for answering as best you can

danosphere [10:12 PM]
would rather wait, say it once, and get it right :slightly_smiling_face:
np! I am excited about the plans though, and they seem to have a good chance of working out from all indications (edited)

victoratila [10:13 PM]
Hi dan! How is Pangolin going? When is BMD 3.2 being released? (edited)

danosphere [10:13 PM]
Hey Vic!
Pangolin is going well
here is some WIP from it:
in order:

mca [10:14 PM]
How’s the BCF website coming along? It’s been ‘next week’ for a while now

danosphere [10:14 PM]
Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 4.13.59 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 4.13.55 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 4.14.03 PM.png

none of those are final!
that's why i can sharem
not sharing any of the actual UI/dev work yet since we are trying to get together a more marketing-development update on that
so no spoilers
BMD 3.2 is going really well too, J is just wrapping up the last bits this week and then once @keyare acceptance tests and greenlights the final candidate we'll roll it out
so next week is what it looks like as long as nothing showstopping is discovered

mca [10:16 PM]

victoratila [10:17 PM]
Great news on BMD! The Logos are really nice also!

mca [10:17 PM]
The pangolin logo is rather firefoxy

danosphere [10:17 PM]
yeah that was part of our feedback hah

mca [10:17 PM]
I like em though

danosphere [10:17 PM]
pangolin face is more elongated, inset ears, scales on face

mca [10:17 PM]

danosphere [10:17 PM]
eyes are a lil diff as well
designer is working on another round :slightly_smiling_face:

mca [10:17 PM]
Yeah I like the second one you shared best I think

victoratila [10:18 PM]
I think i like the third variations

danosphere [10:18 PM]
thanks- we are trying to make the feel of this more consumery and less developery (ie: metamask)

victoratila [10:18 PM]
Haha hard work to put a pangolin on a logo

danosphere [10:19 PM]
it is! their scales are really uniquely shaped too, i was suggesting he get that in there
the team is working on implementation in parallel w this work fwiw
Jim & co crushing it on that front (edited)

Garbage man [10:19 PM]
Any news arround Lode working with syscoin?

J [10:20 PM]
@Jim ^ (just to give you the shouts out, brotha)

(aside to some of you hearing his actual name for the first time: Jim is the guy I talked about who basically coded most of his contributions here with a broken hand) (edited)

danosphere [10:20 PM]
We'll be sharing some news next week via PR that should have more info you're lookin for @Garbage man

Jim [10:20 PM]
joined #dantime by invitation from J. Also, daltonism joined.

danosphere [10:21 PM]
@Jim is a trooper :muscle: :hand:

victoratila [10:21 PM]
Hi @Jim!

mca [10:21 PM]

victoratila [10:24 PM]
@danosphere are you able to tell us a bit about the kind of products you guys have been building for your clients in BCFN?

danosphere [10:25 PM]
Yeah @victoratila right now its been a lot of solution design work that would result in systems such as incentive/loyalty programs, tokenizing real world assets, ledgering real estate on the chain
some of those will be moving into implementation once the clients secure funds too- and we have meetings to speak with several governments around the products we've talked about relative to that ecosystem
government procurement is a pain tho tbh, so who knows how long that will take to materialize. We're gonna keep banging on that til it does because we think government-issued blockchain identities pave the way for an ecosystem of blockchain apps for mainstream users
some of which we're working on developing ourselves- we have a few product development efforts on the go in addition to pangolin that could yeild some very valuable products for us while also enabling non-blockchain developers with an easy platform to develop and deploy applications that tie together centralized and decentralized systems
I gotta jump here in 2min sry folks

victoratila [10:29 PM]

danosphere [10:29 PM]
talking w someone who's going to require 100% attention (edited)

victoratila [10:29 PM]
No prob! Have a nice weekend!

danosphere [10:29 PM]
thanks hope everyone has a nice weekend as well! Keep an eye on the newswire next week :wink:

locutus [10:43 PM]
Thanks Dan!

redrace [10:44 PM]
Thanks Dan! Still need that Powerpoint though, if you don't have the resources to do it atm, let me know so I can ask someone else to do it
See you next week
One of the PR's needs to be translated huh... :grimacing:

scottrepreneur [11:56 PM]
joined #dantime.

blocknugget [12:17 AM]
@danosphere will any of the client products you're developing land within the SYS 3 timeline?

sidhujag [12:39 AM]
althought jfyi sys 4 is on an aggressive schedule with resources

blocknugget [4:26 AM]
Thanks Jag, that does make me feel a bit better :)

aegisker [10:52 AM]
Is there yet any realistic ETA for sys4? What will be included in sys4?

kicken55 [11:08 AM]
I can answer the first half, no

l3sny [11:08 AM]
I think Q2 2018
but not sure where this came from

kicken55 [11:09 AM]
Its about scaling upwards for the most part as well as adding in evm from what I gather

aegisker [11:24 AM]
How will sys's evm be competitive with eth?

l3sny [11:25 AM]
cheaper gas for sure :wink:

locutus [11:31 AM]
"EVM (Ethereum virtual machine) adds turing complete distributed computing and allows companies to
create customized smart contracts for their own projects or convert existing projects to the Syscoin platform."

aegisker [12:07 PM]
Will contracts have access to assets/offers/certs,...?

aegisker [12:08 PM]
Will gas be paid in sys or in new asset? Sorry, lots of questions, missed dan yesterday. (edited)

locutus [12:56 PM]
Better to ask those in #general because this channel is purely for when Dan is having is #dantime :blush:

October 26, 2018

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