#Dantime (21 December)

danosphere [8:56 PM]
Today's #dantime @syscoin Slack AMA will be at 5p EST rather than 4p EST! Cya there! $SYS

locutus [11:03 PM]

danosphere [11:06 PM]
:wave: hey folks!
sorry for the lateness!
how's everyone's Friday goin?

locutus [11:07 PM]
Scotch & coding...so pretty good

herbiefast [11:07 PM]

locutus [11:07 PM]
how are you Dan?

danosphere [11:07 PM]
good! been a very busy few weeks here behind the scenes

herbiefast [11:08 PM]
What are your thoughts of the new website?
I was pretty impressed I must say

danosphere [11:09 PM]
i like it! I think the team did a great job, much better than the old site and sets the stage for better and more accurate update as driven by a larger, more diverse Syscoin ecosystem- which is the goal!
totally, very impressed w the branding work too

locutus [11:10 PM]
Was that previous logo your design?

danosphere [11:10 PM]
i like how its an evolution of the logo, very Google-esque, and that's worked well for them
that was @keyare’s :clap:
the first one was mine :stuck_out_tongue: the OG logo
aka the bad one

locutus [11:10 PM]
oh yeah

danosphere [11:10 PM]
the 'where is my hat' logo

herbiefast [11:10 PM]
The dragon you mean :joy:

danosphere [11:11 PM]
haha yep that's the one

herbiefast [11:11 PM]
Any hints on testing with Whiteblock?

danosphere [11:12 PM]
things are progressing well there, we're really pushing to have something to share very near term, and we're planning on including the ZDAG whitepaper as part of that sharing
there are also other things on the go relative to sys within bcf- sys4, partnerships, [...]
i am trying not to say too much so that i dont get in trouble and i also am not trying to create hype, but its been an interesting week

herbiefast [11:13 PM]
Yeah very curious on that part

danosphere [11:13 PM]
i know around Dec27th ppl will get some more insight into what the hell im on about
at least that is the plan _at the moment_ things in this space change by the minute i swear

locutus [11:14 PM]
burning the Christmas tree?

danosphere [11:14 PM]
BMD 3.2 also coming along well, team was working on incorporating the new branding and packaging for release today
that would be an interesting tweet @locutus hahaha
ppl are all like 'whats coming on the 27th?!' and its just a tweet of my tree on fire
#news !
'this news will get everyone hot for SYS!'

locutus [11:15 PM]
I expect something like that, otherwise I am heavily disappointed

danosphere [11:15 PM]
i guess ill have to supplement the real news :smile:

locutus [11:15 PM]
Any word about/from Bitcab? (edited)

herbiefast [11:16 PM]
Is BCF direction clear atm?

danosphere [11:17 PM]
The team has been really putting in double time recently and im positive on the impacts thats having to our revenue opportunities and the impact that has on the longer term BCF strategy
yep indeed it is @herbiefast

alternating [11:20 PM]
iwish there was more substance to all this right now
just gonna wait till after the holidays :smile:
not the easiest time of the year to be doing releases

herbiefast [11:20 PM]
Are you able to share what direction that is? Or is that top secret?

danosphere [11:21 PM]
yeah we know, its weird cause we actually wanted to hold the news longer (new year)
but we have reporting responsibilities for anything that could be considered material as soon as things are signed... so options were limited
and ppl wanted to move on w signing and such
the direction remains the same in terms of services + products but 'what are the products' has become a lot more clear. Some of those products are tied to ongoing discussions, so i can't share much on that tip. Pangolin and Docusign on the blockchain are def part of that product strategy and we've been having conversations this week with interested parties

herbiefast [11:22 PM]
"Better one bird in your hand than ten in the sky", like the Dutch would say (edited)

danosphere [11:22 PM]
im actually going to be presenting docusign on blockchain to govt agencies here in the US in January
we got invited after they saw the demo in person at Santa Clara

ToxicAvenger [11:23 PM]
joined #dantime.

danosphere [11:23 PM]
we have several different things on the go on the consulting side as well, which is good especially for this time of year
usually things get very_slow around now
one thing is for sure, we gotta focus on more conferences like the one in Santa Clara, lots of much better qualified business has come from that

alternating [11:25 PM]
I hope someone sees the value in blockusign because that is massive
show them the governance on the blockchain too

danosphere [11:26 PM]
oh people definitely see it
we've spoken to Docusign competitors this week as well on it

alternating [11:26 PM]
I really wanna see what jag is doing with the systhereum

danosphere [11:26 PM]
yeah and that's all from the conference, we don't mention is anywhere in our public info as an offering yet
(we will tho)
what's systhereum o_O :slightly_smiling_face:
sounds cool

alternating [11:29 PM]
Contribute to sidhujag/sysethereum-contracts development by creating an account on GitHub.
i feel like i'm being played like a fiddle here

herbiefast [11:30 PM]
Almost out of battery. Looking forward to next week then :wink: . Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year Dan! :champagne:

danosphere [11:30 PM]
messages Jag
thanks @herbiefast! Have a great Christmas and New Year! Excited for 2019!
Thanks for pointing that out @alternating

alternating [11:31 PM]

danosphere [11:31 PM]
but i might know what that is :wink:

alternating [11:31 PM]
might be an offramp for current projects to get off eth

danosphere [11:33 PM]
could be heh

alternating [11:33 PM]

danosphere [11:33 PM]
sys4 is coming along well tho, days have been real busy here

alternating [11:34 PM]
well i'm excited for that upgrade

danosphere [11:34 PM]
between sys4, bmd, client work, presales, and these ongoing product deal/discussions we're in the current folks are busy bees

alternating [11:35 PM]
see if we were in discord we could have done a giveaway for the dantime event or any event really 'Just sayin`

locutus [11:35 PM]

danosphere [11:35 PM]
actually im glad you mentioned that

danosphere [11:35 PM]
I was going to do next week's #dantime in discord actually

alternating [11:35 PM]
right on
got a nice channel all setup for you

danosphere [11:36 PM]
i still see a lot of ppl here in this slack, which is cool- but if the community wants discord to be the new place, we should do these in there :slightly_smiling_face:

locutus [11:36 PM]
replied to a thread:
I hope that works out :slightly_smiling_face:

danosphere [11:36 PM]
and we're happy to setup messaging for ppl to go look over there too if/when community is ready to push that forum more sternly

alternating [11:36 PM]
if you wanted we could do voice chat too as an option

locutus [11:36 PM]
that I like Alternating

danosphere [11:36 PM]
might need to do some dry run of that stuff first, i haven't used voice in discord before but certainly not opposed
just wanna make sure i can answer ppl properly

alternating [11:37 PM]
a nice fire side chat
being winter and all :wink:

danosphere [11:37 PM]
yeah totally, and i mean that platform is built for that too

alternating [11:37 PM]
the next step woudl be a live stream to say twitch or youtube but I really don't think that is needed

danosphere [11:38 PM]
i stopped by there earlier in the week but still noticed majority of activity happening in slack/tradetalk

locutus [11:38 PM]
yeah, I think you guys should consider that to

alternating [11:38 PM]
I would want to record the session also so we can put that into the chat

danosphere [11:38 PM]
so anyting i can do to help there, im all about it

alternating [11:38 PM]
well its a transition stage

danosphere [11:38 PM]
yeah i figure ^^

alternating [11:38 PM]
its funny how a bunch of people came back for discord but then kept talking in slack

danosphere [11:38 PM]
i just saw the new website pointin ppl to it

alternating [11:38 PM]
we have not really cut the chord

danosphere [11:38 PM]
def more open which is real nice

alternating [11:39 PM]
so right now we are supporting 3 platforms and well .. the active users stick around in slack so it sorta is not helping lol
little by little it could get more activity ... just need some exciting news to bring in the masses
i have been doing free sys giveaways to drive use
but its tough lol

danosphere [11:41 PM]
yeah dantime should help, i can advertise thru twitter

Michiel [11:41 PM]
the idea is to do a trial month Discord, get everyone to there and see how is goes.

danosphere [11:41 PM]
i like that, and once we are confident in discord we can wind down slack

Michiel [11:42 PM]
yeah indeed

danosphere [11:42 PM]
its easy to put messages in slack too that notify users things like 'NOTICE: in 30days this slack will no longer house SYS discussion, please visit the new place for all things SYS chat in Discord' etc
like we can set it up to push that message

alternating [11:43 PM]
yes, honestly I think slack is better for developers
so kind of cater the syscoin slack to coders and devs to get ahold of the syscoin team
then keep the banter like tradetalk and whatever announcements to discord telegram
just my thoughts though
you guys do whatever i'm just a helper on whatever direction

danosphere [11:44 PM]
yeah its still tough tho creating 2 spaces like that

alternating [11:44 PM]

danosphere [11:44 PM]
you will end up with ppl missing each other imo
like ppl wanna talk to team, but they are in slack
i think that will end up just driving everyone to there...
if we say 'team will only be in Discord from now on' i can bet you migration would happen right quick

alternating [11:45 PM]
ha yeah that would be crazy fast
this place would empty out pretty quick

danosphere [11:45 PM]
esp if we got core BCF folks + SCMT/foundation (edited)

Michiel [11:45 PM]
that is the idea behind the 30 day trial, people go were the devs/ team is

danosphere [11:46 PM]
cool well if you feel like we need to move thing faster just shoot me an email @Michiel :wink: (edited)

alternating [11:47 PM]
we need a few more integrations from the scmt team and syscoin team
we also need to setup proper mods admins etc etc
I mean it will work fine right now

Michiel [11:47 PM]
cool, will do, have to just pick a starting date

alternating [11:47 PM]
but it coudl be more organized just fyi

Michiel [11:47 PM]
yeah needs some work first, maybe after the holidays

danosphere [11:47 PM]
nice nice yeah im excited for ppl to not have to request invites heh
goes against the spirit of what we're doin here!

alternating [11:49 PM]
:wink: that is what I have felt since our slack started running out of msgs
and things just went poof .. the entry way issue was a big one for me

danosphere [11:49 PM]
yeah it was frustrating slack _made us_ do that
or literally threatened to just delete the slack
something about ppl DDOSing their servers for invites or somethiung
im gonna jump off here, but appreciate everyone's questions and discussion as always :slightly_smiling_face:

alternating [11:52 PM]
later and happy holidays :christmas_tree:

danosphere [11:52 PM]
wanna say again big shout out/thanks to SCMT and the larger community for the work they've done on a number of things- rebranding, website, foundation, discord (just to name a few)
looking forward to what this increased braintrust of people can do w SYS in 2019, i suspect big things!
Hope everyone has a great weekend and holidays! Don't drink too much eggnog :slightly_smiling_face: :beer: :evergreen_tree: :santa: (edited)

locutus [11:54 PM]
You to Dan, have a great Christmas Holiday, and I am looking forward to the burning!

Michiel [11:54 PM]
Discord is all alternating his effort though!
Happy Holidays!

danosphere [11:54 PM]
hahah @locutus :joy:
thanks everyone!

alternating [11:55 PM]
@Michiel thanks man, only together can we accomplish our goals :smile:

December 21, 2018

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