#Dantime (2 November)


Danosphere, aka Dan Wasyluk, is founding member of the Syscoin Platform and the CEO of Blockchain Foundry. Blockchain Foundry is persuing different ways of bringing value to any kind of business sector out there by using the Syscoin blockchain.

Due to the limitations of Slack, the AMA's will be stored here for further reference and reading.

redrace [5:45 PM]
@danosphere you remember that Syscoin Powerpoint Presentation? I'm waiting...

redrace [5:45 PM]
:slightly_smiling_face::point_up_2: (edited)
If you don't have the time or resources let me know, and I will find another solution, no problems

danosphere [8:55 PM]
ah yes we are working on that @redrace - lemme see what we are thinking timeline wise but its in-process already

danosphere [8:55 PM]
we're working on something we can show to clients too so its gotta have a level of proness to it

svliege [8:57 PM]
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Stukov [9:00 PM]
Ok, some time ago you told us that BCFN is on blockstart for hiring some more people. That would depend on some project. Any news on that ? :)

danosphere [9:01 PM]
Hmmm fascinating
im not sure what blockstart is?

Stukov [9:01 PM]
Also what can you share about lava coin ?
On the point of hiring if some condition was fulfilled first. Guess it was about some partnership.

danosphere [9:03 PM]
I think we are pretty good for now, we have a solid core team and a good batch of contractors to ramp up with as work dictates (edited)
on lava coin its a pretty interesting project, they are looking to enable a crypto integrated card program which i think is a really valuable play in enabling ease of use w crypto for mainstream people
so we are working to investigate the various options available there, and there is a wide spectrum we're assesing

Stukov [9:07 PM]
What about the exchange that is mentioned on BCFN site ? Will that be BCFN proprietary?

danosphere [9:09 PM]
I can't speak in too much depth on that as there are forthcoming PRs that will explain it better but it won't be BCF IP, its more a PaaS offering
but our partner there will have a public exchange too similiar to like a bittrex, and we do have some exclusivity agreements we're securing in respect to the offering as well

Stukov [9:10 PM]
Sorry, please explain PaaS offering. Am not familiar with that.

danosphere [9:10 PM]
and so im sure ppl can draw their own conclusions on how having a partnership like that would help SYS initiatives
PaaS = Product as a Service
so we don't 'run the machines' but we customize the software and get a revshare against any instances we sell

Stukov [9:11 PM]
Ah I see. Nice ! Will they support sys assets by default ?

danosphere [9:11 PM]
:no_mouth: no comment

Stukov [9:11 PM]
Ok :)

Sandy [9:12 PM]
This probably qualifies as a BCF question rather than a SYS one but do you guys ever a get a client request along the lines of "I read this whitepaper, how sound is this? Do they need a blockchain?"

danosphere [9:12 PM]
its a pretty big partnership in my view, it enables some key things we've needed for SYS and BCF products for a while
@Sandy we more get ppl with their own whitepapers that want a critique and/or feedback, but we do have some clients that say 'we are doing XYZ, we looked a protocol A, B and C. We think C is best, what is your thought on that?" and we try to give them the best information possible for the use case they are trying to accomplish

Sandy [9:14 PM]
Got it. Thanks dude

danosphere [9:14 PM]
We are also going to be pushing forward on a possible hardware wallet solution for SYS which im pretty excited about, and SYS4 is really moving now too

righteous_indignation [9:15 PM]
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danosphere [9:15 PM]
Spoke with our auditors about it this week, plans seem ok there. Still need to setup a call w the foundation accountant we weren't able to get on the phone this week

Sandy [9:17 PM]
When you say "hardware solution", do you mean partnering up with an existing provider or literally putting out a BCF branded hardware wallet ?

danosphere [9:18 PM]
an existing provider but i would say they have a superior product that just isnt that well known
they actually have 3 different tiers of hardware wallet solutions
scaling up from a ledger-like device to more capable and robust solutions

Sandy [9:19 PM]

danosphere [9:20 PM]
its funny that ledger is their 'low end' offering and blockchain just released lockbox which is ledger + diff software or something
when there are much more capable and innovative hardware wallets already out there they just need more market exposure

Slavcb [9:21 PM]
Hi all

Sandy [9:22 PM]
For sure. Hardware divisions are actually quite a vibrant part of the space, but they don't get that much coverage. There are even a few coins that are branching out with their own hardware divisions. (edited)

Slavcb [9:22 PM]
Maby not the right question, will there be an Airdrop of LAVA coin?

danosphere [9:23 PM]
I'm not sure re: LAVA airdrop, i think that depends on the shape of the final solution
and yeah @Sandy its really interesting what this possible partner is doing, they are essentially pivoting to crypto from a large and successful 'other' hardware biz
so the strategy they have around that pivot is very smart imo, they are really leveraging their network in China to ensure they are pre-integrated into the crypto scene when their wallet starts making noise in the sector

Stukov [9:48 PM]
What can you share on the messaging platform ?
Of course, before any PRs :)

danosphere [9:49 PM]
so we already have that working and operational in BMD today and we are going to license and API it out to people for a blockchain based unified messaging platform w e2e encryption
we just need to throw together a marketing page for it and wrap the platform in a better api-key management system

danosphere [9:59 PM]
im jumping outta here into a blockchain docusign product meeting :slightly_smiling_face: hope everyone has a great weekend!

locutus [12:20 AM]
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keyare [6:31 AM]
He keeps dropping these gems and running away doesn't he?

November 2, 2018

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