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Danosphere, aka Dan Wasyluk, is founding member of the Syscoin Platform and the CEO of Blockchain Foundry. Blockchain Foundry is persuing different ways of bringing value to any kind of business sector out there by using the Syscoin blockchain.

Due to the limitations of Slack, the AMA's will be stored here for further reference and reading.

danosphere [10:03 PM]
:wave: hey folks!

Sandy [10:03 PM]

danosphere [10:03 PM]
so before I start I should mention that the PRs I alluded to _last_ week are still being worked on, we are waiting for info from the 'other side' of those PRs before we can get final signoff to publish (edited)
but i know questions are going to come up directly related to certain ppl's webinars, and all i can say atm is more info is coming :wink:

drdretch [10:04 PM]
joined #dantime.

bstr156 [10:04 PM]
Woooo! Dantime!

alternating [10:05 PM]
Any pangolin updates? New wallet possibly (lode alluded to something)??, AIBB update?

danosphere [10:05 PM]
we have a lot of exciting sys4 work going on, im trying to get to a place where we can share things sooner than later but we are also validating some assumptions around diff hypothesis before was say anything officially

arcticlava [10:05 PM]
hey. Since DocuSign is going with Ethereum have you given any though to a partnership between BCF and Adobe to allow authenticated digital signatures INSIDE Adobe Acrobat? Would that be cool or what?

danosphere [10:05 PM]
validating with a testnet and stuff :smirk:
@arcticlava yep def part of our thinking, or just you know, putting the product out and letting one of docusign's competitors acquire the tech... all options
adobe, pandadocs, hellosign, signnow etc
plenty of competition that will need to up their game to compete
and yes pangolin updates @alternating! this is coming, we actually talked about a substantive 'development update' just earlier today, keep your eyes peeled over the next week or two for that to start dripping out
pangolin branding is also moving forward really well, excited to share the logo once its 'done done'
already a solid crew of devs banging away on Pangolin code too, there is some srs tangible progress there to share
we are working towards the docusign like product as well but specifically in the context of a larger product framework which we also hope to share more on soon
sys4 is moving along as well, very intersting stuff happening there... im learning a lot heh

alternating [10:09 PM]
seems like assets + pangolin = win win win

danosphere [10:10 PM]
pangolin is super useful because it gives us a lib for signing and sending txs that can also be reused for a web wallet, a mobile app (if hybrid) etc

alternating [10:10 PM]
Do you know of any airdrops for LODE + AGX for syscoin users

danosphere [10:10 PM]
i don't personally know of any nope
but to be fair I also don't follow that stuff super closely either

locutus [10:11 PM]
Hey Dan. Any news on the BM 3.2 release?

danosphere [10:11 PM]
Yes, @J and the team are crushing it on that and we should have an official release date sometime next week
ultimately @keyare is the gatekeeper there so we don't talk about dates til he has tested and :white_check_mark: (edited)
but he is getting a build next week for final acceptance so i think its very close unless he finds things that need to be addressed (edited)

Stukov [10:13 PM]
Any update on Peer Mountain partnership you can share as well ?

Curious Cosmos [10:13 PM]
Any words on Syscoin Foundation?

danosphere [10:14 PM]
jesus so many things lol

danosphere [10:14 PM]
nothing new on PM
Syscoin Foundation we are moving forward with getting setup, we were working out costs this week and SCMT is being super helpful there
hoping by next week to have it setup, or have some new thing to figure out in order to get it setup...

locutus [10:15 PM]
replied to a thread:
Dont worry, we will edit that out :grin:

blgh [10:16 PM]
Hi Dan! Nice stuff going on! What holds the website from being released (BCF), cuz every week its ‘next’ week :).

danosphere [10:16 PM]
@locutus :slightly_smiling_face:

Stukov [10:16 PM]
Yeah, that also :)

danosphere [10:17 PM]
@blgh we had to make numerous updates specific to the 'investor relations' side of the site and then we had to test allllll the links one by one to ensure they didnt 404 or go to the wrong place
that was happening this week, iteratively, we have confirmed all the links but are still waiting on some material from our IR team before we can make the site live, also we were waiting for the web dev team (external) to templatize a few more pages to simplify managing the site
next week we are targeting migrating the site from staging to production and then flipping it live
and i know SCMT has been making good progress on the SYS site too, it looks way better than the current site

Stukov [10:18 PM]
Great !

danosphere [10:18 PM]
yeah they are rockstars
we also appointed a new board member, Brennan Direnfeld who comes from Deloitte so that is a new addition as well
he brings a lot of service integration and deployment experience from Deloitte which is particularly good for a team like ours (edited)

Curious Cosmos [10:24 PM]
BCFN stock price have been falling quite a lot from last few weeks. Are you guys any concerned about that?

danosphere [10:26 PM]
No not concerned, we have a good pipeline and solid product plans we just need to keep executing

redrace [10:27 PM]
Hey Dan!

danosphere [10:28 PM]
hey @redrace :wave:

redrace [10:28 PM]
There is a lot going on in Syscoin/BCF land. Good to see you have some topics to cover again with the community!
Keep it up

danosphere [10:29 PM]
thanks! excited to share more soon as im able, many very interesting and valuable internal initiatives going on right now as we transition from BM 3.2 work to being more focused on our product line, service work, sys4 (and related items like the foundation)
and pangolin

bstr156 [10:30 PM]
What are the anticipated highlights of BMD 3.2?

redrace [10:30 PM]
What's the key element of 3.2
Aah you beat me to it @bstr156

danosphere [10:30 PM]
I know there is a whole new console and it make maintenance for the future much more sustainable even w just a dev or two working on it
id have to look at internal release notes to get you specifics sry :confused:

bstr156 [10:31 PM]
No prob :slightly_smiling_face: ease of maintenance is great improvement in itself.

danosphere [10:31 PM]
yeah for sure
I see @J typing :slightly_smiling_face: my man!

J [10:32 PM]
Ha I don't wanna horn in on your chat! :smiley: (edited)

danosphere [10:32 PM]
hahaha then the good sys ppl will have to wait for release notes, the changes do make it much more feasbile for us to quickly react to critical bugs if/when they are found

redrace [10:32 PM]
When syscoin.js?

danosphere [10:32 PM]
without having to stop and drop everything just to address said discoveries, which is a big deal when it comes to response times

redrace [10:33 PM]

danosphere [10:33 PM]
all of that stuff is part of what feeds 3.2

redrace [10:33 PM]

danosphere [10:33 PM]
yeah thats the 'easier to maintain by a mile' bits heh

redrace [10:36 PM]
@danosphere you maybe have a Syscoin Powerpoint presentation lying around?
The community showed interest in having that

danosphere [10:37 PM]
I don't have a solely-Syscoin powerpoint but could get one together by Monday for sure

redrace [10:37 PM]
Ooh that would be really nice

danosphere [10:37 PM]
just like story through technical specs thru use cases? something like that?

redrace [10:37 PM]
Yeah exactly

danosphere [10:38 PM]
started in 2014, fork of bitcoin++++ then in 3.0 became more fork of dash, zdag, masternodes, tps improvements, then use cases etc

redrace [10:38 PM]
Some presenters notified me they were looking for such one

danosphere [10:38 PM]
we do have a roadmap beyond 3 too btw :wink: once we're confident w its contents it will be published more openly

redrace [10:38 PM]
Would be a real asset to have as a community

danosphere [10:38 PM]
i know right now from the outside its probably not the greatest looking but i did wanna be clear on that point
there is more coming, its a continuation of sys not a new coin, and the goal with its design it to greatly extend not only core SYS token functionality but also extend the functioanlity of SYS assets in a way that will be entirely unique to Syscoin

redrace [10:40 PM]
Sounds ehhh good

danosphere [10:40 PM]
that's as detailed as I can get without creating spoilers

redrace [10:40 PM]
I have no clue what to expect, except for previously named terms

danosphere [10:40 PM]
or spawning questions we aren't ready to answer atm

redrace [10:40 PM]
Don't spoil please, I want to be amazed :wink:

danosphere [10:41 PM]

bstr156 [10:41 PM]
Precious secrets

danosphere [10:41 PM]
the community is too smart hah

Sandy [10:41 PM]
I agree. Checking twitter and slack everyday is its own fun

danosphere [10:41 PM]
if i say even something i think is innocuous or ambiguous I know you'd all figure it out
its pretty exciting to work on though, no one has done this yet in production env

redrace [10:42 PM]
Can't wait for that presentation Dan, make sure to include some BCF contact info in the end slide as well, so people can choose to refer to you or leave it out
See ya, thanks for joining us again!

danosphere [10:42 PM]
def @redrace added to my gTasks :thumbsup:
I'm off to prep for the product meeting coming up in 15min- keep your eyes on the newswires next week there are at least 2... possibly 3 things to watch for there
hope everyone has a good weekend! Thanks for stopping by #dantime :slightly_smiling_face:

J [10:45 PM]
@redrace Just to add to the SYS4 stuff from an analogy I feel safe making...

This is SYS at current

This is SYS next

Sandy [10:45 PM]
Same to you Dan. You guys are doing a great job

danosphere [10:46 PM]
Thanks @Sandy! Appreciate all your support :slightly_smiling_face:
I concur with @J’s analogy! :muscle:

redrace [10:48 PM]
Thanks, will push the santa theme memo to the syscoin.org website team :wink::ok_hand:

October 19, 2018

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