#Dantime (13 Oktober)

Danosphere, aka Dan Wasyluk, is founding member of the Syscoin Platform and the CEO of Blockchain Foundry. Blockchain Foundry is persuing different ways of bringing value to any kind of business sector out there by using the Syscoin blockchain.

Due to the limitations of Slack, the AMA's will be stored here for further reference and reading.

l3sny [9:29 PM]
is it today?

redrace [9:48 PM]

danosphere [10:03 PM]
:wave: hey folks! sry about yesterday that was frustrating! :airplane:

redrace [10:05 PM]
Hey there
How was the week with the crewm

techo051 [10:05 PM]
joined #dantime.

danosphere [10:08 PM]
The week with the crew was fantastic, we got to explore some new working space too which was good as im not the biggest fan of our current space

redrace [10:08 PM]
And you had some revelations regarding SYS 4. People where asking all week after you mentioned it.

danosphere [10:09 PM]
Yeah there has been a lot of progress on that front imo in terms of getting clear on what that next chapter looks like

Dudain [10:09 PM]
watsup DAN

danosphere [10:10 PM]
by the end of the week we'd actually started slinging code towards sys4, and working towards getting a bunch of stuff that was on whiteboard earlier in the week operating on a testnet
so im looking forward to validating our hypothesis on that testnet, and then being able to properly announce some things

l3sny [10:10 PM]
>> what is the next biggest thing for SYS to come?

danosphere [10:10 PM]
:wave: @Dudain :slightly_smiling_face:

l3sny [10:11 PM]
I know I know... :smile: :smile:

danosphere [10:11 PM]
@l3sny its going to be enabling smart contract execution in a way that expands the capabilities of sys assets but also compliments and extends the current core services
and of course all in a scalable and fast way which is the biggest challenge

l3sny [10:12 PM]
any coin has that already?

danosphere [10:12 PM]
but i think we have a good strategy towards that now in an MVP-like way with a first milestone that's still pretty major and would be a first for any coin
not in the way we are mapping, no

Dudain [10:13 PM]
i have a question: are you still exploring opportunities for direct fiat to crypto conversion? as you aspire to improve the ease of use of crypto, and make it accessible for also grandmothers and the likes

danosphere [10:13 PM]
there is one coin that has something very close, we think our solution is better (again- hypothesis) but even the other coin's implementation isn't production ready yet

Dudain [10:13 PM]
for example wirexapp does this

Sandy [10:13 PM]
Hi there. Thanks so much for taking time out of your saturday

danosphere [10:13 PM]
aha @Dudain yes- and there is progress there too :slightly_smiling_face:

Dudain [10:13 PM]
wirex is pretty much market leader there i think

danosphere [10:13 PM]
Np @Sandy :slightly_smiling_face: thanks for taking the time to be here :thumbsup:

Dudain [10:13 PM]
but they charge heavy fees i think

danosphere [10:14 PM]
Yes they are expensive but they are something we are exploring, they are not the only option we are exploring however

Dudain [10:14 PM]
ok cool, great that its on your radar

danosphere [10:14 PM]
and we certainly have a partner that will enable fiat to crypto in certain locales at the moment, we are looking to expand that to more locales asap so we are continuing to work on that front

Dudain [10:14 PM]
nice man

danosphere [10:15 PM]
yeah im pretty excited to see this stuff coming together, will be huge for Pangolin

Dudain [10:15 PM]
you gusy are really excelling in trying to stimulate adoption of blockchain by the general public
and making ease-of-use a priority

l3sny [10:15 PM]
oh yes, any timeframe for Pangolin?

danosphere [10:16 PM]
i think that figuring out how to make this stuff useable is big not just for ecommerce but for any web-based blockchain experience
There isn't any specific timeline on Pangolin atm since that work occurs based on available resources vs other client work but we are dedicating as many resources to it as we can and its moving forward very well
We'll be participating in the community Syscoin roadmap that's forthcoming and will have Pangolin on it, so there will be visibility on progress form that perspective
right now the strategy for that roadmap is more cardano-like (percent progress on multiuple initiatives, updated monthly) and that's what we'll be keeping people updated through

Dudain [10:18 PM]
i am still a bit lost on the BMW thing btw, i get that BCF needs to make a positive P&L for investors, so there needs to be funding that returns revenue

danosphere [10:18 PM]
i mean, in addition to these chats that will be another means to check progress thru :slightly_smiling_face:

Dudain [10:18 PM]
whats BMW position here? i can imagine its hard to monitize, but on the other hand its really great to get attention to sys and bcf
if the UX is amazing im sure heads will turn in cryptoland to you gus

danosphere [10:19 PM]
yeah its something we want to do, once we have a bit more on the books its a lot more feasible for us to focus on that, there is also critical infrastructure that needs to exist first which is what we are focusing on ie: Pangolin

Dudain [10:19 PM]
yeah understandable, and sys 4.0,

danosphere [10:20 PM]
yep exactly

Dudain [10:20 PM]
last week you mentioned as wel quite some things in the sales pipeline, i suppose time will tell and reveal some things and also provides clarity of priorities of development

danosphere [10:20 PM]
we also have plans for a blockchain application framework which will make it easier for developers to deploy and distribute apps that tie centralized and decentralized systems together

Donald_Dump [10:21 PM]
any news on that LODE stuff?

danosphere [10:21 PM]
and that framework may actually simplify both writing and deploying bmw-like app code (and docusign, medical, supply chain, or otherwise code)

Dudain [10:21 PM]

l3sny [10:21 PM]
@Donald_Dump lol

danosphere [10:21 PM]
I think that there may be some official news around LODE this week and as such I have to keep :-X in this chat

l3sny [10:22 PM]

danosphere [10:22 PM]
but keep your :eye: on the newswire

Babiko [10:22 PM]

l3sny [10:22 PM]
I am a big fan of silver

Dudain [10:22 PM]
one thing i still have to say dan, i mean on paper and theory all sounds fucking epic, but i guess we are all waiting on that first proof of concept

danosphere [10:23 PM]
there should be more than just one thing on the wires this week :wink:

l3sny [10:23 PM]
I used to invest into silver before bitcoin in 2010-2011

Babiko [10:23 PM]
Is there any progress with Ledger and integration of SYS?

Dudain [10:23 PM]
that real life use case
that makes use of all those things your engineers have worked hard for all those years

danosphere [10:23 PM]
that's awesoem @l3sny - yeah i think its a very cool use case esp the way they are envisioning it

l3sny [10:23 PM]

danosphere [10:24 PM]
and @Dudain totally agree, that's why we are busy on that testnet too we are eager to publish a SYS4 vision/roadmap etc which will further extend the real world use cases for a lot of stuff the SYS chain can do

Dudain [10:24 PM]
doesnt even have to be a big company or whatever, just show and prove the value of syscoin in practice with actual results
but i suppose we are nearing that phase :slightly_smiling_face:

danosphere [10:25 PM]
there is a lot of interest in the various things SYS can do for governments as well
I mean right now I think Jag and Marc are fearlessly flying to Dubai to pitch them on SYS for tourism

Dudain [10:25 PM]
yeah of course, i totally believe, the thing about sys we all like is that sys doesnt only talk the talk but also walks the talk, so we hope to see some action in a real life case of course :slightly_smiling_face:

danosphere [10:25 PM]
and we have conversations ongoing with Mongolia and the Bahamas as well; we are working on deploying a real SYS DID too

Dudain [10:25 PM]
and i know its coming
because we all know the possibilities are endless

danosphere [10:26 PM]
im eager to see real life use cases being used in real life and moving beyond real life use cases as crypto experiments of sorts

Dudain [10:26 PM]
yeah well its ofcourse a market wide thing

mca [10:26 PM]
These governments are interested in sys3 or sys4?
What is sys4?

Dudain [10:27 PM]
identities could be big i can imagine
for governments would be very useful

danosphere [10:27 PM]
i see HFL making real inroads in that respect which is great but i would love to see a public blockchain doing that- so far ETH is def winning

Dudain [10:27 PM]
also i always saw syscoin as disrupting the real estate market

danosphere [10:27 PM]
its for sys3, but a lot of what clients are asking for is driving the spec for sys4

Dudain [10:27 PM]
some day

mca [10:27 PM]
Sys4 is a new coin?

danosphere [10:28 PM]
i think some of these community attempts at a BMW will be great and valuable actually
i hope someone takes it and does a 'real estate' specific market, a more generic craigslist like market, etc that's where the real value of that tech is- creating an open DB of offers anyone can buy from
SYS4 would continue the current sys balances

Sandy [10:28 PM]
I had read the coindesk piece that touted Microsoft's Decentralized Identifiers. Is this related to the Decentralized Identity Foundation and SYS ?

danosphere [10:29 PM]
so its the same coin for the most part from that perspective @mca, no major change for exchanges but def an upgrade and hard fork

mca [10:29 PM]
Will BMWs built on sys3 be transferable when sys4 launches? What’s the time frame for sys4?

danosphere [10:30 PM]
its realted to DIF @Sandy, which BCF and SYS are a part of. So its indirectly related... that's why we are working on getting our own DID setup as I think MS marketing will drive more orgs to look at that spec
and we wanna be front and center there, there are only like 5-10 DIDs published currently

hashrate [10:30 PM]
@danosphere @channel - Speaking from the perspective of a large Syscoin Hodler and after thorough thinking about the future, I prefer getting SYS 4.0 with full-blown and advanced Smart Contract functionality over Blockmarket Web. And that is NOT about ICOs, *it means hosting all sorts of business on Syscoin blockchain*. We need to look at Syscoin blockchain from pure business perspective. I want to see Syscoin blockchain utilization over BM Web. This will bring most value to the project. Blockmarket Web being a flagship product is nice to have but at the moment I believe must-haves over nice-to-haves should prevail. We need to *fully leverage our current advantage in terms of blockchain tech and onboard as much business as possible while we have that competitive advantage*. Time of BM Web will also come but a little bit later.

danosphere [10:30 PM]
@mca yes they will be, the offer framework for the first sys4 milestone doesnt change those apis
we will work to migrate current offers as well i believe, that makes sense

mca [10:31 PM]
Sounds good thanks

Sandy [10:31 PM]

mca [10:31 PM]
So it’s an extension to the current codebase? Or new codebase?

danosphere [10:31 PM]
@hashrate thanks for the feedback, and tbj I think there is a lot of synergy between those two goals but I do think one catalyzes another
Extension of the new codebase is probably the easiest way to term it without giving things away :slightly_smiling_face:
and @hashrate I think having the ability to improve marketplace functions through smart contracts or have real smart contract integrations w sys assets creates a ton more usability and use for businesses so im with ya

mca [10:33 PM]
Sounds good. Will there be a development fund premine during the hard fork?

danosphere [10:33 PM]
We are still working on the plan relative to SYS4 but yes part of the thinking in that is creating a dev fund for alignment between bcf and sys and to provide the foundation with more operational funds as well

Sandy [10:34 PM]
This is probably a dumb question but when we sent our SYS2 into Bittrex for the SYS3 upgrade, that was a hardfork, right ? (edited)

danosphere [10:34 PM]
at current there is about 1mil total dev sys and we had always intended on giving a majority of that to the foundation but in all honesty that's not a lot of operating capital
@Sandy yep! that was a hardfork although hopefully this one will be far easier as everyone (most everyone?) should be on HD keys now

Sandy [10:35 PM]

mca [10:37 PM]
From a legal standpoint, BCF will acquire some sys4 during the hard fork, but management of the github and general project direction will sit with the foundation?

danosphere [10:37 PM]
err that's the plan so far, this is all still in planning ofc while we validating some key hypothesis on the technical side

mca [10:38 PM]
Okay thanks

danosphere [10:38 PM]
but we have done some legal legwork to ensure we (bcf) can take on tokens like that in a regulatory compliant manner as we're a public company and all and it seems like the path there is well-defined
we're also moving forward w trying to get the foundation setup in a more affordable locale for our goals
thanks largely to the work of SCMT :muscle: shout out to Michiel and Ryan for their help there

mca [10:39 PM]
If you want something done in crypto, call in the Dutch;)

danosphere [10:39 PM]
note to self for future challenges :slightly_smiling_face:

hashrate [10:41 PM]
I think the biggest priority now is not to lose the competitive advantage being able to host large businesses via full implementation of ZDAG. We need better utilization of SYS blockchain. There is currently no other platform that is so well scalable. That's a huge advantage if you are able to onboard as much business as possible until others catch up. When it's all said and done and SYS takes its rightful spot in the crypto economy, BM Web will come easily.
scalability is unique selling point noone else can claim to have.

mca [10:41 PM]
Timeframe for sys4? Presumably assets currently on sys3 will continue to run, or be ported to sys4?

danosphere [10:41 PM]
yep i agree and some of the bcf clients are looking to SYS particularly for the ZDAG like functionaltiy
I think integrating ZDAG into POS terminals would be valuable as well and its something we are working on exploring
i cant speak to timeline, i want to be able to release something in the next 1-3months but a lot of that is dependent on the ongoing work we are doing on testnets
and the client pipeline as well

hashrate [10:44 PM]
scalability, utilization, max. business onboarding; then BM Web. Strike while the iron is hot.

danosphere [10:44 PM]
trying to keep sys4 ppl focused on that as much as possible
there may be products before SYS4 is even done if some of these clients proceed w the implementation phase
like i can already see the prospect of building a tokenize-real-world assets app that is built by us for a client, but then made available to others and distributed through and app-store like model that can function on top of any blockchain that supports colored coins

mca [10:45 PM]
What’s up with LODE?

danosphere [10:45 PM]
more info on that this week via PR @mca

mca [10:46 PM]
Did you say ‘new office’ up there ^^?

danosphere [10:47 PM]
yeah we were exploring a coworking space in Burnaby called CMPNY
Our current space is small and feels like an IBM office from the 90s or something, i wanna get the company into a more energetic, startup like space
and the new space would help to do that while reducing costs which is a win win imo

mca [10:47 PM]
Awesome :clap: Does it have a micro brewery 100yds away though...?

danosphere [10:48 PM]
it actually does, and a kegerator provided by the space too! :smile:

mca [10:48 PM]

danosphere [10:48 PM]
it was pretty nice we spent a day out there on Thursday
so much more light than the current space too which is also good, the current space is very artificially lit lets say

mca [10:48 PM]
Potential for distributed bcf employees to converge in van? (edited)

danosphere [10:49 PM]
we had the whole team out there for an all-hands meeting on Friday and outside of those that flew in most of the crew is around the new location
its impossible to find something 'close to everyone' but its close to the majority which is what we were shooting for

mca [10:49 PM]

danosphere [10:49 PM]
and its a lot more flexibile lease wise too
6months rotations with an ability to adjust at those intervals, which is ideal for us as I think we'll be growing long term but the pace is hard to determine and i dont want to pay for a 5yr lease lockin in a space too small or large (edited)

mca [10:51 PM]
Sounds sensible. I’ll be in Vancouver over Xmas so will drop by and see who’s around.. (edited)

danosphere [10:51 PM]
oh nice! yeah definitely do I know the gang would love to meet ya

mca [10:52 PM]
Where the f is everyone lol.. I guess everyone’s having dinner in the US or getting beers in Europe.. (apologies to other time zones)

danosphere [10:54 PM]
its all good! I need to split soon anyway the wife just got home and is giving me :imp: for being on the computer in the office after not seeing her for 2 weeks :slightly_smiling_face:
and I'll be back in here Friday at the usual time this week as well to answer questions from anyone who missed this but catches up on it and then has _other_ questions :thumbsup:
any final questions before i jump? dont want to leave anyone hanging!

pmark [10:55 PM]
thanks for the time dan!

danosphere [10:56 PM]
anytime! thanks everyone for stopping by on a Saturday, looking forward to chatting more on Friday! :slightly_smiling_face:

mca [10:56 PM]
Cheers Dan, enjoy yr evening

danosphere [10:56 PM]
thanks @mca you too!

l3sny [10:57 PM]
thx 4 your time @danosphere

Sandy [10:59 PM]

October 13, 2018

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